Comic 93 - Swimming again
16th Jun 2014, 10:05 PM in A Long Night
Swimming again
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It's dark for now!
User comments:
A Dirty Ewok (Guest) edit delete reply
I guess now the only question is whether or not Sean feels like skinny dipping too.
cattservant edit delete reply
Hmnn "..." Why not?
Sheela edit delete reply
And we have nekkid scene!
After only 93 pages too ... dang, time flies by fast.
eire1274 edit delete reply
Third frame: "Come on come in?" Or am I just a blind old fart?
Sheela edit delete reply
I think she's saying "come on, come on"
eire1274 edit delete reply
Eh... I'll take your word on it.

I'm too old to me reading webcomics anyway... LOL!
Your Friendly Shadowtroll (Guest) edit delete reply
And the water is ice cold, :)
RandomTroll (Guest) edit delete reply
Which makes for perfect weather for perky nipples.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
A good hot summer night can make for some relatively warm pool water, let's wait and see if Alis bobs back up in an icecube.
VlRGlL edit delete reply
Smexy time
PainfulBuggery edit delete reply
I skinny dipped with a bunch of older girls when I was 15 about 15 years ago. Being teddy bear cute and innocent is kryptonite I swear!
rainbows 1701 edit delete reply
rainbows 1701
Nightswimming~ deserves a quiet night~
Malcadon edit delete reply
This scene needs an appropriate ambient background music:

@rainbows 1701: JINX!!!
PainfulBuggery edit delete reply
With her I feel this is more appropriate:
misiek edit delete reply
misiek this should come in handy. Hopefully
Malcadon edit delete reply
Misiek, knowing View, that song might be coming sooner or latter. ;)
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
PainfulBuggery, queue Alis and Sean alternatively hoping into the pool, then back out because it's so cold, then back in because they see the other person in there again.
Passerby (Guest) edit delete reply

Thank you VERY MUCH for a YouTube link to a full-length version of this ICONIC music track!!! :D (^_^) \o/ :o)

You are RIGHT! This music clip is PERFECT for Alis in the last panel! :D
mr. me (Guest) edit delete reply
I think its come on come on...
Runesavaan edit delete reply
I really like Alis with her hair NOT in braids. It's a bit wild, sure, but it's pretty.
Sheela edit delete reply
A bit like her personality. :)

I could totally see Allis as a wild child.
wiseguy edit delete reply
Frankie Peanuts (Guest) edit delete reply
Wow, just realized that Alis jumps into the pool the same way the guy from Cheer jumps into the tide pool.