Comic 97 - Ruination
23rd Jun 2014, 10:02 PM in A Long Night
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UmberGryphon edit delete reply
And you didn't think that your loyal audience would want to see the points in between the last page and this one?
RandomTroll (Guest) edit delete reply
View is the biggest tease of all, we should ransom him for the story-in-between the pages!
Sheela edit delete reply
Agreed !

... wait ... wait ... who do we ransom him to ?
view edit delete reply
There's more to happen on-screen.
cattservant edit delete reply
You said it was "A Long Night"!
cattservant edit delete reply
The explicitly oriented readership?
Sheela edit delete reply

We have readers from the Orient ?
PainfulBuggery edit delete reply
I for one have no expectations as view is smart and will tease everyone by messing with their expectations. I just want to see where the story goes. Boobs, when they happen, are a bonus.

With that said I have a question. view if this is about futuristic diving, and you've covered bases so far, is there liquid oxygen in use? Are there liquid oxygen pools for professional or recreational use? Of course I'm not talking about straight O2 being liquid as the cold would be damaging but rather of a likely compound that the lungs are able to pull oxygen from when exposed to.
view edit delete reply
There's not usually much need for that in pool form, but there are plenty of deep-sea apparati around.
DizzasterJuice edit delete reply
I like the sound of "deep-sea apparati". =)
The Paleontologist edit delete reply
I was thinking the same thing. I've watched The Abyss too many times.
cattservant edit delete reply
Shopping for bras...
Oh My!
Jaymark108 (Guest) edit delete reply
Such blue eyes!
wiseguy edit delete reply
Fantastic last panel.
view edit delete reply
I liked all the panels this time. It's better if I don't agonize over them too much - it takes less time and usually ends up better.

Just one or two touchstones per panel, everything else falls into place. In the last panel, it was the half-blue eye.