Comic 91 - Whaddyawannado?
13th Jun 2014, 7:51 PM in A Long Night
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This monitor is very crisp!
User comments:
Hedrah (Guest) edit delete reply
"Sooo....what'cha wanna do?"
Mr. Vareel edit delete reply
Mr. Vareel
I don't know. What do you want to?
Sheela edit delete reply
Ohh, I see what you did there !
dinglenugget (Guest) edit delete reply
This comic is a self-contained perpetual loop.
Malcadon edit delete reply
Her hair looks better down... and out.
cattservant edit delete reply
Let the negotiation dance begin!
Sheela edit delete reply
Well, they could always start out with something smaller and less objectable .... like .. brushing each others hair.
sinala edit delete reply
And... here... we... go.
Runesavaan edit delete reply
Just kiss already!
cattservant edit delete reply
Remember it is "A Long Night"!
Sheela edit delete reply
Yes, well, if Sean is going to both brush Allis' hair *and* get to kiss her, she needs it to be a long night. :)

... kissing takes a lot of time, after all.
Not to mention brushing that hair !
cattservant edit delete reply
I think Alis is the motivator.
Older woman and all that...
Phuji edit delete reply
"So, uh... d'ya wanna make out or somethin'?"
Jst56strong edit delete reply
Maybe, I can see View doing it like that but i think there will be a bit more tension built up before that happens. At least one more page, possibly like 2-3. I thin it will be more like an awkward silence followed by an eye lock then really awkward and adorable kiss.

BTW great page view. She looks amazing with the new doo. :)
one.who.reads edit delete reply
something that confused me, if both Sean and Elis are scrub diving, why is Elis' voice constantly scratchy while Sean's isn't? Or is it just that her voice hasn't healed from the first time? How much time has passed since the start of the comic?
cattservant edit delete reply
Alis has an unexplained preexisting condition.
She missed a year at school and is older than Sean.
VlRGlL edit delete reply
Now kiss