Comic 88 - Ejection
6th Jun 2014, 9:05 PM in A Long Night
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Author Notes:
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More splashing!
User comments:
cattservant edit delete reply
The Whistle has blown!
Runesavaan edit delete reply
Uh-oh, Sean's not mad, is she?
Sheela edit delete reply
I hope not.

It would be a sour note to end Allis' birthday on, if Sean was mad.
eire1274 edit delete reply
Not sure of your calibration. Yesterday's lacy-bits were nearly invisible, but today's show up well. I'm using a Seiki 4K OLED display calibrated using the Lagom system for photo editing. Miles better than my last display, but still picky with your work.

What display do you use, out of curiosity? And have you calibrated it, or are you running at default?
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I made today's clearer because there were complaints about yesterday.
eire1274 edit delete reply
Ah, I see.
PainfulBuggery edit delete reply
I never complain about not being able to see someone's underwear.
Hedrah (Guest) edit delete reply
In the last panel of previous page, it looked like Sean snapped her neck and in the second panel here, she's throwing up the lifeless body out of the pool.
cattservant edit delete reply
Mr. me (Guest) edit delete reply
Dang it... More color on bra means less nipple viewing
Dardar (Guest) edit delete reply
Allis' face pretty much says "worth it."
Bellar edit delete reply
Did Sean lose her swimsuit top in that show of strength just now? Alis is going to blush so hard she'll pop, when all of her blood rushes to her head.
Malcadon edit delete reply
Wow, her swimwear is so pale-pink in color, it almost looks like she has nothing on at all! ...not that it is a bad thing, of course. ;)
RandomTroll (Guest) edit delete reply
Intense scissoring, activated!
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Sorry to be a nerd but the splashing in the last panel isn't accurate if he's leaving the pool, on exit the splashes (if any) would be much more horizontal, not vertical.
view edit delete reply
That wouldn't look cool.
wiseguy edit delete reply
elfolampo edit delete reply
Malcadon edit delete reply
I know Sean is covered by splash and a bit of hair, but it almost look like she has nothing on underneath. =?
Damastech (Guest) edit delete reply
Seems like a certain sloth got the name of the game.