Comic 74 - Test
14th May 2014, 9:07 PM in Schoooool
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I've had really bad allergies recently. Someone here recommended nasal spray, which I'd never considered.

WOW is this stuff effective. HUZZAH!
User comments:
UmberGryphon edit delete reply
In my experience, the problem with nasal spray is the bounce-back when you stop using it.
cattservant edit delete reply
To snot or not to snot...

[The Alis Party! Yay!]
Phuji edit delete reply
I just realized that Sean's hair changed 4 pages ago. It stood out to me most on panel 6.
Karyl (Guest) edit delete reply
That was me, View-and fortunately, because it's a salt spray, it doesn't seem to have a bounce-back effect. :) Glad it's working for you too!
view edit delete reply
I actually didn't get the same brand, because they didn't carry it. This is Nasacort, and I imagine it probably has all the problems people worry about.

But that's not too bad.
Karyl (Guest) edit delete reply
Don't know where you are--CVS and WalMart and Drugmart carry it but you might have to ask for Nasalcrom. Just glad you're getting relief, however it comes. :D
Baveboi (Guest) edit delete reply
Welp! This has been one helluva ride. Started way back there in DMTG (have to read that one again), and came aaall the way here.

Your comics are fantastic, View, I simply can't get enough. Can I ask a small question, however: was it you who wrote Cheers as well? The art style is mindbogglingly similar, but the artist is called Forview which confused me.

Hope I am not being too much of a bother.
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Yeah, that's how most people know me.
WhiteAier (Guest) edit delete reply
Hmm. Not sure if it's intended but being a girl and growing up with all the catty backstabbing that comes with being a girl; I'm getting warning signs from Alis. At first I thought she was just excitable and bubbly but after diving in chapter 3 I'm getting rather leery. Not sure if it helps that you mentioned that Sean is the main character and not her.

Either way I know this page really tips off one thing I've been noticing about Alis. She doesn't really seem to care about Sean as a person, only on what Sean can do for her. For example on this page, she doesn't go; That's fine good luck with studying! It's about her and diving. Which really, why can't she go herself with Cara? Sean isn't the teacher/guide. She just helped along. Alis can go herself but she is still pressuring Sean to go with her. Even this party I assume is to get at Sean's mother, who has been established to be a Diving Instructor. But maybe I'm wrong on that end.

Sure maybe I'm looking at it a bit anxiously; know what girls were like in school. But my own experiences show that someone who whines 'what about x' usually doesn't have *your* best interest in mind. Especially if it's against school/work which really effect your well being.

Not sure if this is going where I assume. But interested to see it play out either way.
Phuji edit delete reply
Because diving is now what they have in common. It's the core element of their budding relationship and, without it, Alis probably feels like Sean would have no reason to be around her.
Sheela edit delete reply
Somestimes, people can be too excitable for their own good, and end up asking too much of their friends.
This often makes them look very selfish and uncaring, but it's not really the case.

It's just that they are simply not mature yet.
WhiteAier (Guest) edit delete reply
I kind of agree with this. But I also have to point out that Alis has been given multiple oppotunities to talk about other things with Sean. Like about her desire to be an astronaut. Her friends and the drama club they are involved in. The boys they met while diving. What Sean's household is like. To some she has even out right said who cares about that, let's talk about diving.

Mind you I'm not saying this is a bad thing. All I'm saying that it reminds me of some selfish people I've encountered. View makes great characters. They all feel very human. Including Alis. Just because *to me* she feels selfish, doesn't mean she isn't a good character. If anything I find her relatable in the sense I've meet people like her.