Comic 67 - Burn Limit
4th May 2014, 9:09 PM in Sunday Divers
Burn Limit
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Bellar edit delete reply
Tragic ending detected!

Someone is going to end up hospitalized for burning muscle mass.

Also, after the bittersweet ending of NMtG and the happy ending of SP, I can feel the cold air coming down off of that icy reaper's scythe.
WhiteAier (Guest) edit delete reply
Since I still haven't really figured it out on my own, I have to ask. Is this a coming of age story for Alis or a romance story of somekind? If romance I'd guess between her and Sean. Either way I'm just really curious on where the story is going. We've established the characters but a real plot or goal is still a bit shady. Because of this, I'm also curious for how long this story will be. Will it be only a few chapters or longer arcing story like Space Pulp? I'll be reading no matter what. Keep up the good work View.
view edit delete reply
It shouldn't be THAT long, but it does have quite a ways to go.

It's actually about Sean.
Sheela edit delete reply
And Space Pulp was originally only about Iridium Lake!

.. and then it also happened to be about a PMPM lover, a sexy blue mini giraffe, two bodyguards and a whole slew of others.
Your supporting casts are often almost as defined as the main characters of other stories.
I consider this a 'win' and think it adds to the plot. :)
cattservant edit delete reply
Greedy Alis!
wiseguy edit delete reply
Great facial expressions in this one.
Running Joke (Guest) edit delete reply
And suddenly a lot more details make sense to me now.