Comic 63 - kcal limit
28th Apr 2014, 10:59 PM in Sunday Divers
kcal limit
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Color takes a long time.
User comments:
primus0 edit delete reply
And we appreciate every moment it takes all the more when you continue to produce quality like this.
cattservant edit delete reply
Color is life!
highlander55 edit delete reply
I'm guessing there was glacial melting and that's why there are bridges, cars and stuff underwater. Global warming.
cattservant edit delete reply
Or a pole shift...
Malcadon edit delete reply
Hay, if the prier owner of that car left the title and keys on the dashboard, they would be one signature away from owning their own "Katrina" car! How lucky is that? ;p
SpaceMonkey edit delete reply
I can't lie. The lack of Poison Monkeys is disappointing. Don't even need the space pulp, could be a Poison Monkey rom-com, but I miss them.

Enjoying this one too! Just expressing my love for Poison Monkeys.
merle edit delete reply
Monkeys make everything better. Including poison monkeys.
Kain Yusanagi edit delete reply
Kain Yusanagi
Yay! More boxer rocks!
merle edit delete reply
I understand "beeping bracelet" is an important thing, but I can't remember exactly what it was for, and I can't find the strip where it was explained...

Guess that means it's time for a quick archive binge later!
humbleColumn (Guest) edit delete reply
View has a tendency to disfavor explanations and go with flow.
I can't tell you how many times I've had to read the comments to understand a page.
merle edit delete reply
Some might consider that a problem, I consider it a bonus :)
UmberGryphon edit delete reply
The bracelet displayed a depth earlier, so it can display whatever it needs to. Here's my guess as to what it's saying:

When you're talking about the amount of energy in food, you're usually talking kilocalories, although here in the US we usually just say calories for no obvious reason.

The nanotech blood scrubbers need to get energy from somewhere to do their jobs, and the most obvious place for them to get it is from the food energy in the blood.

I believe the bracelet is passing on a message from the nanobots, and they're saying "you only have 300 kilocalories of food energy in your blood, either drink more Kcal Rush or start breathing air."
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Well, it's not that complex. It's listing how many kcals they've burned, given water temperature.
merle edit delete reply
Thank you for the info! Wish I had something that could do that.
merle edit delete reply
Ah! I knew I'd seen the bracelet earlier, didn't realize it'd displayed different info.
Mr. Me (Guest) edit delete reply
View, you are excellent at your art and your story development. Randomly came across your works one day and I was hooked (Cheer). In the last 2 days, I started and finished gap and Space Pulp, holy cow! You should not be so hard on yourself. Your comics are epic.

Side note, on the goggles, are the faces not colored because of shading/coloring purposes, or is it specifically because there is no water in there and color only shows when water touches something?
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Heheh, you figured it out!