Comic 58 - Exhale
21st Apr 2014, 8:50 PM in Sunday Divers
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Sheela edit delete reply
Very Blue, indeed - I suspect a lot more blue will happen in this comic. :)

So the thingamabob she exhaled into, is connected with hoses to the arch/bridge, and they have lounge chairs next to it ?
Is this where they get to learn how to drown and need the chairs to relax on ?
- EviL - edit delete reply
Well let's be honest, there hardly is anything better than sunbathing underwater. Especially while you're drowning.
cattservant edit delete reply
Are we blue?
Yes we're blue.
Picasso would be so pleased!
PainfulBuggery edit delete reply
I'm guessing this set up is for several reasons.
-Storage for gas to create a ballast system without weights. Though heftier people with extra fat on their body will need weights. (I see that belt, that's okay. Dat ass was fat.)
-Pollution control. Maybe what their exhaling is a composed of chemicals formed by the pressure of the water or a byproduct of the enhancements they have undergone. And these chemicals are toxic. Heavy nitrogenous waste, incredibly high concentrations of carbon dioxide. Nitrogen can be toxic in certain formations such as ammonia (though fish excrete it all the time) and can make water acidic.
-The machine simply processes waste air into useable air for divers
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
I'm thinking it's more like a time switch to lights.

PainfulBuggery edit delete reply
I thought about that too.
Jaymark108 (Guest) edit delete reply
Whatever happened to "stick with your diving buddy?"
Zaranthan (Guest) edit delete reply
A dozen or so feet of water clear and bright enough to see in is safe.
AngelofPity edit delete reply
Blue is fine. You've obviously found a good color pallet, The blue is pervasive but not intrusive, not prohibiting other good pallets of course.

Sean and Cara's posture in panel one is very stiff by the way, like a barbie doll. And Alis's posture will become a signature style if you're not careful (or carry on if you like it, which I do). Her energetic, slightly awkward, and slightly jerky movements are cute, or at least they make me smile.

You might want to consider a little venture to the pool at some point. Try and find a quick way to move to a sitting and standing posture underwater from a swimming posture. You'll find that the quickest method is to bend the whole body at the hips forward or backwards coupled with bringing one's arms forward like your clapping your hand from the shoulder or outward from a pugilistic stance against the chest with the palms facing inward like a giant anti-hug, gradually opening your arms thiiis-big, unbending to straight at the wrist, elbow, and then shoulder, then bringing the arms down to attention and back inward toward the chest to repeat as necessary. One's knees are usually brought upward into a kneeling or Indian style sitting posture to rotate the body from horizontal to vertical.
Underwater movements are a a mixture of sudden contractions toward the body and broad wide movements away. Rotation has the widest degree of movements depending on other actions like forward movement, desired rapidity and degree of rotation (small degree and fast is just a jerk of the shoulders, further and slower is a swimming motion like curling one's entire body like a crescent moon) and how one is holding one's legs (crossed legs and sitting posture means one's arms will do most of the work, legs held straight allow a twist and corkscrew posture like Arabic dancing). Orientating just looks like a little royal wave from the wrist and elbow but the direction of rotation at the wrist is important. The fingers may be together or splayed but they will be pointing outward usually, not up.

If you were trying to depict Sean as making a little circling motion at the shoulder to stabilize orientation, try rotating the hands so that the knuckles are facing forward with the elbows slightly bent. I can't actually tell what Clara is doing, which might be indicative of the more general issue. Both Sean and Clara look a little too static because they aren't currently in the process of doing something specific. Even being stopped is an action requiring little changes in orientation, even having ceased movement carries a unique posture the character is moving out of or holding. Even someone who has completely relaxed every muscle is performing the action of being relaxed and muscularly loose. Check out the posture of a sleeping astronaut to see what I mean (because there is far too much stock photography of relaxed people with water in the background).

Alis just looks like she's screeching to stop which fits the character so far.
Good posture in panel three by the way, the arms are indicative of a graceful rotation, it actually looks like you really are invoking weightlessness there.

[sigh] My body density is too high to be able to swim without fins and I'll sink unless I keep moving so I have a dozen summer's experience with free diving whether I like it or not.

And I'm only drawing a lot of attention to the subject of posture for two reasons. First, I have a sneaking suspicion that underwater movement might be a central theme for this project. Secondly, because I'm stuck in a boring meeting with my back to wall, the comment and the comic window open, and the wifi has cut out. I'm stuck with nothing else to do that critique something without my thanks for your patience if you've read this far and my apologies for testing that patience.