Comic 48 - Tingly
8th Apr 2014, 9:23 PM in Sunday Divers
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Author Notes:
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Getting close to diving!
User comments:
RandomTroll (Guest) edit delete reply
Someones a little...

Sheela edit delete reply
Someone's also feeling all warm 'n' tingly in that first panel !

Well, ok, to be fair - Fusion has a nice body, most people would have a good second look when she stretches like that. :)
Danger wasp edit delete reply
Danger wasp
the concepts for the future diving are pretty interesting
wiseguy edit delete reply
Definitely! Very cool to think about.
cattservant edit delete reply
All fired up and ready to go!
merle edit delete reply
Well, somebody's certainly a master of subtlety about concealing when she has a bit of a cru~ush!

Love the oh-so-subtle rearranging of her hair to cover certain areas. Not going to help much in the water...
Tapio Peltonen (Guest) edit delete reply
I wondered about the (loss of) body heat issue when doing extended diving without a wetsuit (or drysuit), but apparently that's been solved in this world.

Scrub Diving is a really neat comic.
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"Solved" is a bit much. You still lose the heat, you just make more. You'll run out of energy if you rely on that too much!