Comic 479 - Finale
15th Apr 2017, 5:58 PM in Perchance
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Author Notes:
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Trivia: This is set in the same universe as Never Mind the Gap, but several decades earlier.
User comments:
merle edit delete reply
Time to reread that!
Lyon edit delete reply
I wonder if we'll ever get one set between them to... *ahem* fill the gap.
elfolampo edit delete reply
While I understood it was the same universe, for some reason this didn't seem to be set much earlier, but rather at about the same time (and a totally different place) or later.
Any relationship to the universe of Crater High, btw?
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Same universe, about the same time.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Huh is... is Sean Miwa? Because they're drawn almost exactly the same way.
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Nope. But almost all these characters look like those characters. I've got more types than anime, but still not very many.