Comic 468 - Last Breaths
18th Mar 2017, 12:34 AM in Perchance
Last Breaths
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Author Notes:
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Long pages. Dialog is not something I like using lots of, but I also think it can have impact after so many pages of not using very much at all.
User comments:
eggman (Guest) edit delete reply
oh god no I can see the red in sean's dialogue
Secretkeeper626 (Guest) edit delete reply
Despite being injured, I don't think View did that by mistake.
view edit delete reply
Nope, that was a mistake. That turn is too dark even for me!
wiseguy edit delete reply
I would never forgive you! Well I would, actually, but still.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
My heart, oh god I can't stand this! Why you do this?
Sheela edit delete reply
That would be an interesting twist though.
admiralex (Guest) edit delete reply
Negative space works for dialogue too. Compositionally it works well to use periods of silence to frame a dialogue-rich scene
marmelmm edit delete reply
Miao edit delete reply
Not breathing does funny things to your head, especially when you know you're supposed to be breathing.