Comic 462 - Care
23rd Feb 2017, 11:14 PM in Perchance
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Author Notes:
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This page took a long time to draw, a lot of annoyingly complicated panels.
User comments:
sigpig edit delete reply
Alis is getting loopy. Very tender moments here, view. I had to laugh at the second panel, because it looks like Sean is "burping" Alis... lol
Lee M edit delete reply
Lee M
And yet loopy Alis still has the presence of mind to remind Sean about clothes.

Although it'd have been fun if Sean *had* forgotten. Imagine her going through an entire scene interacting with a bunch of people, and only realising she'd been naked the whole time after getting back to Alis's room.
Sheela edit delete reply
Those are some good drugs though, she's havin' fun. :)
RhinocerosGoggles edit delete reply
I really like "mother Sean" in panel 2, & "determined Sean" in panel 5.
view edit delete reply
I ended up liking all the panels at least somewhat, which is rare for me.
cattservant edit delete reply
Dress for success...
Zaranthan (Guest) edit delete reply
Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. That's why I'm naked right now.
LizTheRobot (Guest) edit delete reply
I just finished binging on all of your past comics and got caught up with this one. Dang good stuff.

Is this in the same universe as DMTG? I only ask because of the whole Denver Melt thing.

Fingers are firmly crossed for a happy ending for these two. They're adorable together and I really want them to be happy.
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It's the same universe, but a lot earlier.
LizTheRobot (Guest) edit delete reply
Oh neat!
Zaranthan (Guest) edit delete reply
DTMG? Did you mean NMTG (Never Mind The Gap)?
LizTheRobot (Guest) edit delete reply
I did. In my defense I am an occasional idiot.

Let's just pretend I was sitting too close to a crate of rare earth magnets.
merle edit delete reply
That is a wonderful pose in panel 5!
jamie59 edit delete reply
Come on let her walk out naked.
view edit delete reply
She would have noticed at that point.
Sheela edit delete reply
Suuuure she would.

Randomladder (Guest) edit delete reply
Just wanted to say that panel 5 looks amazing
view edit delete reply
It took a lot of redraws.
Mirrored edit delete reply
i'll say it again - I love these two!!
view edit delete reply
Aw, they do too.
Miao edit delete reply
I don't think she knew that.

And you did these scenes so beautifully View.
Passerby (Guest) edit delete reply
Nudity aside, Sean looks like she walking to some life-or-death duel she is DETERMINED TO WIN! Her opponent is as good as dead!

AWESOME 'determinator' look on Sean's face! The T-1000 from TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY (1991) would be crying manly tears at the sight if it could.

Compare with Robert Patrick's 'determinator look' for the T-1000 in 2014, 23 years after T2 came out.

Lee M edit delete reply
Lee M
"OK, skinny, put away that scythe RIGHT NOW or I'm gonna break every bone in your body!"

PS Just gonna leave this here apropos of nothing...
TeeKay edit delete reply
Hm... Can't say I'm the least bit surprised by anything in that article.
Malcadon edit delete reply
Damnnit, Alis! Let leave in her birthday-suit -- it makes her looks fantastic! ;)