Comic 461 - Call Canceled
20th Feb 2017, 12:34 AM in Perchance
Call Canceled
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Guestidigititis (Guest) edit delete reply
And there goes the color.

My only comfort now is that the title of this chapter implies more than one day remains for our heroines...
Guestidigititis (Guest) edit delete reply
Oh wait, it's a different chapter now....shiiiiiiiiiii--
Lyon edit delete reply
So many things about this page cracked me up. View, I love your work.

Also, the end is near...
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
"and fuck me to death."

Well, wow. That's one way to go out.
Secretkeeper626 (Guest) edit delete reply
Butt of she died during sex, she wouldn't be able to finish.
Secretkeeper626 (Guest) edit delete reply
But if*
wiseguy edit delete reply
Woah thats actually kind of dark of alis
Jst56strong edit delete reply
Alis is pretty damn dark. She wanted to die on the boat in her's arms and now she wants to go out like a rock star.
ZorbaTHut (Guest) edit delete reply
Yeah, I've actually been thinking this relationship is semi-toxic; Alis seems to be trying for death-by-inexperienced-dom and this has a serious chance of screwing up Sean long-term.

Quite curious where view's going with this.
TeeKay edit delete reply
I don't think that is quite what's going on. Alis isn't _trying_ to die. She just doesn't care if she does, and if she does, there's worse ways than in the arms of a lover.

Some might argue that it's inconsiderate of Alis to put Sean into that situation, but in the end it's Sean's choice alone. Alis wouldn't do anyone any favours trying to distance herself from Sean.
ZorbaTHut (Guest) edit delete reply
I guess the problem I have is:

> Some might argue that it's inconsiderate of Alis to put Sean into that situation, but in the end it's Sean's choice alone.

which is maybe technically true, but when you're talking serious BDSM, you *have* to be on the same page and you *have* to be able to trust each other. It goes both ways. If I couldn't trust my sub to tap out if necessary, then I wouldn't be willing to play with them; if I found out that my sub knew they weren't going to tap out and didn't tell me, that'd be an instant firing offense.

Especially given Sean's lack of experience, it kind of isn't Sean's choice alone; it would be entirely plausible for Alis to, intentionally or otherwise, tweak the situation such that Sean doesn't even realize there was a choice being made.

That skeeves me out a bit :)

tl;dr: bdsm requires honest communication, anything that gets even vaguely dangerous requires nigh-obsessive honest communication, and there ain't a lot of that going on in this relationship right now. To me, that's red flag city.

And I admit I'm curious if Sean's expression in the last panel is her coming to the same conclusion. I guess we'll find out!
TeeKay edit delete reply
I understand what you mean.

I guess the core of the disagreement is the way we see their relationship. I don't know how view would define it, but I know I don't see it as a primarily bdsm relationship. I don't see Sean as being even close to doing something that would require Alis to "tap out" for her to be safe. Sean's just not going to go that far in the first place.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Seeing the difference in Alis' health and appearance when she's being lively vs when she's sedated really makes me wonder just how much of her previous good health was her putting up a front
Miao edit delete reply
Alis is such a sweetheart.

And Sean is so nice. A little confused maybe, but so nice.
marmelmm edit delete reply
Aw. And just when things were getting fun...
Lee M edit delete reply
Lee M
I think the tranquilizers just gave Alis an anticlimax.
ColdFusion (Guest) edit delete reply
8000 points
Sheela edit delete reply
I hope Alis can get better soon, so Sean won't have to worry about fucking her to death.