Comic 45 - Suburbibay
3rd Apr 2014, 9:31 PM in Sunday Divers
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So, figured out what this place is, yet?
User comments:
cattservant edit delete reply
A marina?
A reservoir?

[btw: Alis is adhesive!
Looks like she's attached with all four appendages.]
Sheela edit delete reply
Alis uses 'GLOMP', it's super effective. :)
pkrankow edit delete reply
Wrong swim class maybe?
UmberGryphon edit delete reply
Figured out what this place is? I haven't even figured out what planet we're on yet.
Phuji edit delete reply
I have no idea... possibly the same universe/planet as NMtG?
whisperofwraiths (Guest) edit delete reply
If it is, this suburbibay could be inhabited by clever octopi.
Rayst edit delete reply
me thinks its a bay covering a part of a city of some sort.
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Sheela edit delete reply
Underwater city, huh ?
Meh.Aloe (Guest) edit delete reply
More Yokohama Shopping Trip parallels! Yay! :D
RandomTroll (Guest) edit delete reply
Shes so tiny and adorable.
Prestidigititis edit delete reply
I love how Alis' iris reflects the color of the bay in that third panel (or how it goes from b&w to color because she's looking at the bay).

Also, hi view! Loving the new comic a lot.
cattservant edit delete reply
Very good catch!
view edit delete reply
Someone noticed!
Bellar edit delete reply
Oh! Oh!
Will there be uplifted octopi?
Is this where they live?
Is a little bit of NMtG playing out here?
Sheela edit delete reply
Uplifted octopi would be neat, though uplifted Orca / Dolhpins are probably more likely in the actual IRL future.
But, hey, you never know. :)

It does raise the question though, is it humans living in the unerwater city? Or something else?
view edit delete reply
Well, dolphins and orca would have to be augmented to be capable of interacting with complex equipment or building things. Octopi just have to be altered to not self-destruct quite so much.
Sheela edit delete reply
True enough, they do have the advantage of being able to grapple stuff.
In fact, they have 9 brains, one in the main body, and one in each tentacle.
It turns out it's important for them to build stuff, it might not.

That said, there are things that unaltered orca / dolphins could do, such as pulling a float from A-to-B, they could be the "horses" of the waters, delivering stuff all over the place.
Or they could have a camera strapped to them so you could better explore the bottom of the sea and learn more and interesting stuff.

They'd also make excellent borderguards, especially the Orca's ... big teeth often scares people away.
Jaymark108 (Guest) edit delete reply
She is so adorable, holding on to her diving buddy!
Sheela edit delete reply
I suspect that Allis likes hugging, and shares her joy with others both often and passionately. :)
cattservant edit delete reply
I bet she doesn't get too much discouragement from it either.
merle edit delete reply
Oh no, her poor hat!
Frankie Peanuts (Guest) edit delete reply
Is Alis shrinking? She's so much smaller, or at least smaller-looking, on this page.