Comic 441 - Fate
18th Dec 2016, 10:36 PM in A Few Days First
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Author Notes:
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With holidays coming up, I may miss some updates. If you wanna fanart, this is a good season for it.
User comments:
Jst56strong edit delete reply
Say no more senpai!!! Fan art is on the way!!!

Do you have an email I can send these to so I dont have to go through Imgur like last time?
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Lee M edit delete reply
Lee M
Yes! Sean said "WE!"
Sheela edit delete reply
Yuup .. Sean has decided that Alis isn't just a piece of Collateral !
cattservant edit delete reply
Romantic Alis.
Lyon edit delete reply
Holy crap Sean! I wonder where she's going with this.
Miao edit delete reply

Sean's expression in that last panel would make my BPM shoot up a bit too!
marmelmm edit delete reply
(insert George Takei "Oh. My." here)
TeeKay edit delete reply
Ah, so that's why Alis was so incredibly calm on the boat... Fatalism.
ColdFusion (Guest) edit delete reply
Fate never works like our dramatic stories. It'd be too predictable. Fate likes to dangle a particular future in front of you then snatch it away, and when you learn how to deal with that, you're truly... something something. Huge swaths of life totally pointless.
elfolampo edit delete reply
Ah, holidays, always getting in the way of more important things like updates.
Might as well wish everyone well for whatever you do or don't celebrate.