Comic 43 - Party Time
31st Mar 2014, 10:06 PM in Sunday Divers
Party Time
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Author Notes:
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Hmm. Not sure if this page reads well. The foreground contrast is a bit low.
User comments:
Sheela edit delete reply
Ah, but energetic Allis Ma, is fun to watch.

But then, she has a lot to look forward to. :)
cattservant edit delete reply
Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

[Alis is tuned-in right out to her follicles!]
Bellar edit delete reply
Early morning at the beach is gonna be cold.
RandomTroll (Guest) edit delete reply
But it does have certain...perks.
Brex edit delete reply
Hmmm, Fusion's face looks odd in the second panel. It's as though her right eye is missing, unless she is instinctively closing it due to the Sun.
Kain Yusanagi edit delete reply
Kain Yusanagi
More like the glabella blocks too much of her eye socket, that drawing in the eye is too much effort for too little return.
cattservant edit delete reply
I learned a new word. Thank you!
Brex edit delete reply
Ah, I see. Thank you for pointing that out.
BAZ the MAD edit delete reply
This page is fun and makes me want to hit the beach. Well done good sir.
DieKatzchen (Guest) edit delete reply
My fiancee coaches competitive gymnastics, where a lot of girls with Allis's energy level end up. They are, to a one, short, flatchested, and muscled just like that. A very realistic portrayal of a super-hyper young girl. I applaud you.
view edit delete reply
Yeah, I don't know how they manage it.
merle edit delete reply
Allis in the last panel is the best thing ever. That's just pure "HAPPY!" as expressed through posing.