Comic 429 - Eat
15th Nov 2016, 4:52 AM in A Few Days First
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Author Notes:
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I think changing the size of my tablet really screwed up my faces. :|
User comments:
Krogoth (Guest) edit delete reply
Awww. I love this page.
Taggart (Guest) edit delete reply
This is just so adorable!!!
cattservant edit delete reply
How about your carpals?
Shaylyn-KM edit delete reply
Oh god my feels
Sheela edit delete reply
All the adorable feels. :)
JohnyCalzone (Guest) edit delete reply
That was unexpectedly touching.
Dragonrider edit delete reply
Someone didn't want to let go.
Kanada (Guest) edit delete reply
I think I agree that the faces look different--but that being said, I really like the faces on this page.
Kanada (Guest) edit delete reply
Is that a quiver in Alis's mom's mouth on panel 3? Oh geez. Oh man.
marmelmm edit delete reply
Teh d'awwwws!
kittenface (Guest) edit delete reply
I love the expressions and unspoken dialogue of Alis.
sigpig edit delete reply
Sean should have been more specific in asking her mom to make Alis eat FOOD. Seems to me that Alis had something ELSE to eat earlier in the day... lol

Of course, having Alis eat food assumes that she is, in fact, human, and not a robot...
wiseguy edit delete reply
I don't know to what extent Alis is a robot. Either it's been explained (which I think it has) and I can't be bothered to look for it, or it'll come up later. That's the plot development I'm stoked about :3
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Alis isn't a robot, people are just saying that b/c of a previous comic I wrote.
Zombie Pancake edit delete reply
On your profile, it says this is "a comic about scuba diving. And cyborgs." I think we're all trying to figure out who's the cyborg.
view edit delete reply
Technically, they're all cyborgs while they're diving. I guess most people think "robot limbs".
Sebine edit delete reply
"Technically, they're all cyborgs while they're diving. I guess most people think "robot limbs"."
-View-sama on Navy SEALS
Sheela edit delete reply
robotic fins ?
klondike (Guest) edit delete reply
Well, the comic says near the beginning that the patches contain nanobots that allow them to "breathe" underwater.
Sheela edit delete reply
Also, not just robotic limbs, but the whole enchelada ... like so !

Cutest little cyborg ever. :)
Mirrored edit delete reply
I love this comic
view edit delete reply
That's good to hear. It's been a struggle for the past week or so.
Sheela edit delete reply
New tablet being difficult to adjust to ?
ColdFusion (Guest) edit delete reply
The faces look really good though. You're continuing to improve.
Bellar edit delete reply
Agreed, the faces on this page look well drawn.
Auren edit delete reply
There are definitely feels in this page but those last few "lingering touch" panels are so damn ominous too!
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
I'm glad someone else is feeling that
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Question: I thought Alis was like superhuman small (and/or Sean was superhuman tall?) How tall is everyone cuz it seems to kind of fluctuate here n there
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Alis is pretty short, Sean is kinda middling, but I think you're probably confused by the fact that she's getting kissed on the forehead?

People will stretch up or lean down when needed.
Amy (Guest) edit delete reply
Love it! Their faces look wonderful!
TJ (Guest) edit delete reply
so good... ;_;
Passerby (Guest) edit delete reply
OUTSTANDING page, view! /)^3^(\

It's presented like a scene from SCRUB DIVING: THE MOVIE, a movie directed by view...which it is in webcomic form. :)

Thank you for sharing.
view edit delete reply
Glad you like it!
Passerby (Guest) edit delete reply
All that is missing is a background music underscore.

Lee Holdridge's music from SPLASH (1984) would work well here as that film shared some similarities with SCRUB DIVING.

Maybe if SCRUB DIVING was a real movie he could have been hired to provide the music for it because of his earlier work on SPLASH. :)
Miao edit delete reply
....wait, you have more than one face? Do you use one for eating, one for drinking, and one for breathing?

Or do you use them to change....

....your point of View?
elfolampo edit delete reply
Arm sleeve thing vanished on panel 6.
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