Comic 426 - Evidence
8th Nov 2016, 1:28 AM in A Few Days First
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Author Notes:
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I liked this page, although I dunno if the pacing is good.
User comments:
cattservant edit delete reply
It's subtle and concise.
Secretkeeper626 (Guest) edit delete reply
It's great! I thought that vid. wasn't saved though.
view edit delete reply
Why do you think that? I thought I was pretty explicit about it.
Random (Guest) edit delete reply
I'm too lazy to find the page, but she said it all gets uploaded to the cloud automatically
Auren edit delete reply
That doesn't necessarily mean it disappears from her phone or isn't available from it. As soon as he mentioned "evidence he wasn't scared of you" my mind jumped straight to that footage.
Sheela edit delete reply
That would be page 324, that it was mentioned that she has insta-cloud.
Random (Guest) edit delete reply
Thanks for fetching that info.

... I'll leave now
Shaylyn-KM edit delete reply
She seems to be slightly happy that female officers will see it, unless I'm extrapolating erroneously
Viewer (Guest) edit delete reply
I think she's more interested in the way the nice guy is holding her hand.
Sheela edit delete reply
She would like to reciprocate, I'm sure. :)
Lyon edit delete reply
Nailed it! :D Loving the pacing View. On point as always.
Dragonrider edit delete reply
Not real happy to have the lack of performance from her efforts with Mr. Softee viewed by an audience closely looking for evidence of a crime.
Feef (Guest) edit delete reply
Ack, I love horndog Cara.
ColdFusion (Guest) edit delete reply
Yay casual sexism!
ArcaneThesis (Guest) edit delete reply
Casual sexism?

...that's standard operating procedure. If you have to give a body exam to a suspect, it can't be in view of an officer of the other gender, or the public.

He's trying to protect her from being objectified or her sensibilities/modesty.
klondike (Guest) edit delete reply
I'd say the poor girl is a bit worried unintended people may see the recording. There is a big difference between being viewed by people you have some trust on and random strangers.

At least the police doesn't seem to be like in Sweden where you can go and get all the information regarding a court case just by asking :D