Comic 423 - Cover
31st Oct 2016, 11:58 PM in A Few Days First
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Author Notes:
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The next chapter starts now.
User comments:
WhiteAier (Guest) edit delete reply
Was this the climax to the story? Or figure it'll last a while longer? :)
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Oh, there's two chapters left.
Lyon edit delete reply
With there only being two chapters left, do you already have a new comic in mind or are you taking a break before starting the next one?
view edit delete reply
Dunno. I'm thinking a dating game might be fun, too.
Shaylyn-KM edit delete reply
Wow, only two chapters! It'll be a strange world when Scrub Diving is over.
Sheela edit delete reply
ooOoooh, is it a dating game for robots ?

Guideline for Robots dating humans :

a) Don't squish the human's hand when it extends it in greeting.
b) Make *positive* comments about their hair and clothes.
c) Bring chocolate and dongle attachment.

Dragonrider edit delete reply
@Sheela: You Naughty Doggie, wanting to play with his Dongle. What if he isn't into that on first dates? No Cookies for you.
TeeKay edit delete reply
"dongle attachment"?

sigpig edit delete reply
I'm hoping that that mark isn't Sean's exam...
vivaldi edit delete reply
Two chapters.......

I should prepare to have my shit wrecked entirely, shouldn't I?
Lyon edit delete reply
Most definitely
DocMesa edit delete reply
It's a view comic. 'nuff said.