Comic 405 - Engage
2nd Sep 2016, 9:20 PM in Solo Dive
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Author Notes:
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This page took a long damn time.
User comments:
Karyl (Guest) edit delete reply
Alis might inhale that sandwich if she gets a big enough surprise, but Sean seems more interested generally.
Dragonrider edit delete reply
Wonder who gets the facial?
cattservant edit delete reply
What big eyes
she has!
Sheela edit delete reply
Ha ha, yeah, that second to last panel is hilarious. :)

Nicely drawn too, one of the better panels, IMO.
RhinocerosGoggles edit delete reply
I love how Sean & Alis are interacting in this page, view. Wriggling Alis = Great work!
view edit delete reply
I almost didn't draw it, because it was taking so long.
RhinocerosGoggles edit delete reply
I know it can be frustrating, getting your hands to properly translate an idea into an actual piece of art. I think you did really well. Thank-you for sticking it out!
view edit delete reply
I stuck it in!
Ghost Guess (Guest) edit delete reply
It's a great page!
view edit delete reply
Glad you like it!
Ogy edit delete reply
Love how you drew this one. Especially the fish eye lens effect in the bottom corner.
Amy (Guest) edit delete reply
This comic got weird.
Bellar edit delete reply
I would posit that this comic was always weird, because sexuality is weird.
Sheela edit delete reply
That's part and parcel of what makes it fun. :)
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
I want to use those last two panels on one of my games.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
haha i love the hypnotized eyes in the fifth panel, also i love the rest of this comic too, it's been fun coming back to this site and finding a new page!
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
fourth* panel
Sheela edit delete reply
Ha ha, yeah, Cara is ready to go. :)
Auren edit delete reply
This scene is great! The way Sean is almost absent-mindedly playing with her toy (Alis), very good page!