Comic 401 - Payback
22nd Aug 2016, 9:39 PM in Out of It
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Sure, just go straight for it.
User comments:
Lee M edit delete reply
Lee M
No, Alis! Use the force!
Sheela edit delete reply
To do what ?
RandomTroll edit delete reply
This is not the nipple stimulation I was expecting!

Damn you view! You tease you!
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
View is a tease when sex isn't delivered. View is a tease when sex is delivered.
View is a tease regardless of the situation.
Dragonrider edit delete reply
Not sure who has staked claim on who here of if they are "going steady" but bet Sean learns the art of tongue twisting very soon. In fact bet she becomes a expert cunning linguist in no time at all..
cattservant edit delete reply
Sean smiles!
GCN (Guest) edit delete reply
Hey, I know this is not a page where this is brought up, but what comic should I read of yours that has more information on the Chicago melt?
view edit delete reply
Never Mind the Gap. You can go to my account and read it, no problem.
Xicree (Guest) edit delete reply
Heh, Alice is like a surprised Kitty in that fifth panel.

This whole scene manages to be both sexy and adorable as hell.
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Sheela edit delete reply
Alis is a happy kitty. :)
Miao edit delete reply
I did not expect Sean's smile in the 4th panel.

This pleases me.