Comic 397 - Grabby
11th Aug 2016, 1:11 AM in Out of It
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Whew. Workin' hard. I don't love this page, but I can't seem to get it any better.
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TJ (Guest) edit delete reply
Wow, I really like this page! :) Lots of motion, and you can really feel the tension! (Although, I bet Sean is enjoying the motion and tension just a little more than me... >;)
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That's good to hear, although I don't know if I agree that much.
CWW (Guest) edit delete reply
Love this page! Your hard work paid off Grabby. Ne proud that you accomplished a connective moment between them.
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Glad you like it!
cattservant edit delete reply
Another level...
Dragonrider edit delete reply
Very appropriate for this to take place on a boat that is in the ocean. The old saying about, "The motion of the ocean." Alis seems to have found the right rhythm to float Seans boat.
sigpig edit delete reply
True, Alis certainly found "the little man in the canoe"...

Secretkeeper626 (Guest) edit delete reply
Sigpig, where did you get that avatar?
GCN (Guest) edit delete reply
Hey view, long time lurker who commented once or twice. I just recently re-read cheer (easily your most popular comic, with over 7 million views on Reddit). I just wanted to ask two questions. There was not as much build up to "sexy time", as some here call it, and you skipped the entire day of the field trip, which is something i think you would not do nowadays. I was just wondering why you skipped over those parts. Secondly, cheer has a lot more manga/anime things in it than your current work, such as lined faces for embarrassment and the small talking head during conversations to name a few. Did you move away from those techniques for more detailed and "serious" options, or is there some other reason you don't have stuff like that anymore.
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Well, Cheer was a loooong time ago.

I still use a lot of cartoonish shortcuts - noodle arms are round eyes. Rather than using them less, I'd like to think I've improved at framing the story and don't have to always rely on them to make a situation expressive.

As for skipping the field trip, it had nothing to do with the main story, so I skipped it. In this comic, the "field trips" are a core part of the story, so I don't skip them... but I skip school days and evenings and lots of other things. It's mostly about the structure of the story I've chosen to tell, I guess.
Miao edit delete reply
I am envious of Alis at this moment in time.
marmelmm edit delete reply
jherazob edit delete reply
You definitely have a knack for getting me indecisive between turned on and going "D'awwww"
Bellar edit delete reply
D-double hand holding!?
How lewd View.