Comic 395 - The Search
5th Aug 2016, 7:55 PM in Out of It
The Search
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New skin brush texture, let's see if this feels better.
User comments:
DocMesa edit delete reply
Is that a smile? Did I see a slight smile of enjoyment, nay, *pleasure* there?
RandomTroll edit delete reply
She's fighting it! She's fighting it, but its eating away at her and eventually she'll crumble!
Random (Guest) edit delete reply
Don't call Alis an it
Sheela edit delete reply
Sean does seem to be opening op, and smiling a bit.
This is good stuff, subtle yet sexy. :)
Guest Guest Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Hold up. Is it just me or should certain things her be colored?
GGG (Guest) edit delete reply
Here* though I suppose by happy coincidence it works both ways.
Dragonrider edit delete reply
After reading my Tarot Cards, the Tea Leaves and consulting my Magick 8 Ball I predict a 110% chance the Sean will reach the first of several climaxes within the next three pages.
Jst56strong edit delete reply
So as someone who has been looking at your work for years, I can say you have gotten a lot better at framing sexy time scenes.
view edit delete reply
If you say so. This one doesn't have much explicit stuff in it.
Random (Guest) edit delete reply
Explicit is fun, but not necessary to be sexy
Jst56strong edit delete reply
Agreed Random rando person!
marmelmm edit delete reply
Yeah, only half the panels are explicit. You're slipping! ;D
jamie59 edit delete reply
Are we having a power shift?
jmkool edit delete reply
No, I think it's pretty clear that Alis is a dom-from-below type. Many people don't realize that this can be a thing, but she basically has a need to be in charge of the situation, which may mean being in charge of someone else 'taking control'.
Sheela edit delete reply
Don't forget to test out your new brushes with colors.
Sometimes something that works great in grayscale, doesn't work so well in color.