Comic 383 - Focus
22nd Jun 2016, 3:15 AM in Out of It
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that guy (Guest) edit delete reply
you are doing gods work my good friend!
TDL edit delete reply
Well now, this is interesting.

That expression in the 7th panel is really something. Nothing predatory about it, a little unsure, a little needy. I think it's something that paints Cara as a rather different creature than, say, Alis. There's a certain thing there that it seems like she's looking for in her exhibitionism.

It would have been easy to say that she's looking to be degraded and scorned while being looked at, as that's normally the go-to conclusion for exhibitionism in fiction, but here it seems to be a kind of search for comfort and acceptance. She's not looking to be degraded, she's...perhaps already that insecure in her body and in herself (as shown with body issues hinted at) that it's more she wants to be seen and acknowledged whilst still revelling in them.

I think the 2nd panel kind of points to this; you see how much she enjoys being made (or just prodeed) toward exposing herself. I don't think that it's just physical exhibitionism that turns her on- I think it's probable that we'll see similar excitement as her mind gets splayed open and shown off to an observant Sean too...particularly if Sean takes a step back (as she is currently doing) and let Cara do all the showboating and semi-humiliating and Sean just takes it on board and accepts it.

I'd say that's possibly the biggest difference between Cara and Alis if true- as Alis very much enjoys being 'made' a toy and to have that part of herself underlined- to be the toy-in-mind....Cara enjoys being seen for how human it makes her when she doesn't feel that so much.

Well. That's a theory anyway. I suppose we'll see! I'm thinking Sean's collected approach will certainly pay off, or at least keep the motor running....excellent panelling on the first row, by the by! Here's to the next!

marmelmm edit delete reply
Analytical Sean is analytical... :D
psianogen (Guest) edit delete reply
I'm imagining this as the start of her new career as a sexual therapist.
Auren edit delete reply
If Sean isn't a robot I may eat my hat.
sigpig edit delete reply
Now that you mention it...
Sheela edit delete reply
She does act a lot like it.
Jst56strong edit delete reply
Mashivan (Guest) edit delete reply
Marimari edit delete reply
Nice symbolism/parallelism between panels 1 and 3, matching "sensual girl / sexual girl" with corresponding phallic objects. And the little details like how Cara's fingers are digging in on panel 5, or all the wonderful shaking and hiccuping of her voice as seen in the word balloons...
sigpig edit delete reply
One thing I should've asked a few pages ago; should those popsicles be in colour since they are "wet"?
view edit delete reply
No, because nobody cares about them.
Dudeperson edit delete reply
I care about popsicles :(

Edit: Strangley, your avatar looks like a popsicle with a wig at the moment.
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Yes, that's what I am. A popsicle.
Miao edit delete reply
That's so sweet....and tragically, often the case, where a person's view changes.

Sean is special, and Alis knows it.