Comic 381 - Fancy meeting you here
16th Jun 2016, 10:28 PM in Out of It
Fancy meeting you here
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These pages takes sooooo long.
User comments:
Hedrah edit delete reply
But they come out great, keep it up.
Sheela edit delete reply
Cara is getting wound up. :)
Jinmen edit delete reply
Why do I get a sense of danger from the way Sean moves?
Guestidigititis (Guest) edit delete reply
I keep thinking back to that admission that Cara is Sean's "type" if Sean were into girls. And that makes me worry that something's gonna happen that'll make Alis feel pretty rejected...and maybe Sean's aware of that.
raven726 edit delete reply
I think it reads more like Sean isn't into the public sex aspect of today's adventure
DocMesa edit delete reply
That is quite possibly the most foreboding ice lolly I've seen in a webcomic.
TJ (Guest) edit delete reply
owwwww Alis looks so pretty in that third panel!! *_*

Also, I hope she leaves it down more often. It loves so lovely!
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
*her hair looks lovely :P
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
I'd become a respectable commenter, register an account, and use that first panel Alis as an avatar, but it's so lewd I'd never actually be a respectable commenter.
marmelmm edit delete reply
You say this like it's a BAD thing! ;)
Sheela edit delete reply
You think any of US are respectable ? :D
Bellar edit delete reply
Alis avatars can hardly be said to be respectable under the best of circumstances.
TDL edit delete reply
Ah, finally, some words!

And what interesting words they are too. There's definitely an element of display going on here...I think maybe panel 3 says more than the words Alis speaks...though perhaps more as a narrative device for us readers than a message meant to be sent to Sean (though if the latter that's lovely too) of a rejection of general penis-play.

But this rolled up in her comments creates an image of a Alis who is looking for a particular something- not to interact with the opposite party so much as to be made something to interact with- to be something for Sean, without agency. It makes me a little more curious as to what Alis might have in that closet (or want in it, actually) that pertains to removal of individuality, rather than just ability.

Either way, I'm glad for Sean's answer and how it plays with what Sean told Cara at the start. It has a certain kind of thoughtfulness toward Alis and her interests, and points toward perhaps a more hands-off approach regarding Cara and Leo that could be interesting.

Either way, it speaks of good Domme practice toward Alis, and it's this attitude that I think will be shown off a little more and will help rev up Cara some more by dangling it infront of her, either through further conversation, or Alis/Sean interaction. (There's also a little bit of an attitude you can read in Sean of assumption or conclusion regarding Alis' say in the matter which is a little possessive and kind of cute.)

Panelwise, excellent suggestive work on the last panel for what's to come...but also panel 5, and its contents, to put forward reasons why Sean reached the decision she did. I think perhaps those expressions and this carefreeness is something that Sean's going to want to twist or poke to explore a little in the pages to come- more specifically in efforts to rile Cara up even further, or to see Cara more 'open'.

Eitherway, really nice work on this page!
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Marimari edit delete reply
Yeah, it's nice to see the emphasis on Alis as tool or toy or something to be used based on Sean's whims, and the fact that it ends with Sean rejecting the idea is itself something Alis probably appreciates.

(Also, I just gotta mention how much I'm loving Cara's pose in the last couple of panels. The whole quick-and-easy-access top-on-bottoms-off thing is always wonderful, and her pose is a great casual "oops you caught me, wasn't trying to show off but I guess I did!" thing.)
TDL edit delete reply
You mean Alis appreciates her not using her as a toy, or just not going for this particular situation?
Marimari edit delete reply
Both. A toy's owner is under no obligation to play with it -- and by asserting that it helps reinforce the toy-ness of Alis.
Sheela edit delete reply
Alis wants to be put in a closet ?
Spfee (Guest) edit delete reply
Ha, I just caught the joke - Cara tucking in a boob while Leio (sp?) pulls down her bottoms.
Demonicplant edit delete reply
man I love this comic
(CONFESSION: I often use this comic as reference for drawing boobs, especially small ones)

view edit delete reply
Dunno if I recommend that, but it's still good to hear!
Sheela edit delete reply
View's boobies has become the golden standard ?

Neat. :)