Comic 377 - All Aboard
4th Jun 2016, 5:42 PM in Out of It
All Aboard
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Sorry this page took a whole week: my injury really wasn't healing, so I took three days off and didn't do anything at all. It feels a lot better now.
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RandomTroll edit delete reply
Stop injuring yourself!
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You sound like the guy who punched me with my own fist. That was how I got injured in the first place, you jerk!
Ethereal (Guest) edit delete reply
Was it that guy that you are that did it?
shadowinc edit delete reply
Hugs from cacti are a great remedy
Sheela edit delete reply
Oh yeah, I know that guy, he keeps getting into your mirror as well, what a jerk. :(
eire1274 edit delete reply
Murder of people who make you punch yourself with your own fist is totally legal, assuming you can hide the body properly. I am legally not allowed to give advice on body handling, so don't contact me when you reach this point (wink wink).
someguy (Guest) edit delete reply
you don't have to justify every page you post dude. i doubt you have the kind of following that will give you shit for taking your time.
Bellar edit delete reply
Yeah, the smart decision is always to not risk further injury, and you can't blame anyone for making a smart decision.

Most comments to the effect of "can't wait!" are really just a way of expressing anticipation rather than impatience.
view edit delete reply
That's one reason I don't advertise...
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Don't worry, we provide all the adoration you need.
AMP (Guest) edit delete reply
Heh, you don't have to... all of us that love your works can here the same way.

A single breadcrumb page and a bit of worthwhile questing, or the word of merit from others that have seen before us, and seeing knew we'd love to see it too.

Thanks View :)
cattservant edit delete reply
Rest can work wonders!
Sheela edit delete reply
Ujnless you oversleep, then you can mis the bus, and loose your job!

Be careful with that sleeping thing.
Jinmen edit delete reply
Feel better!
Deamon edit delete reply
I'm really curious where this is going to end up. Good job on the page, didn't even notice it took a week.
TDL edit delete reply
Glad you're feeling better!

The last few pages have been very interesting in the non-verbal dynamic between Sean and Alis. I think this is maybe highlighted or depicted in Alis' hairstyle running free and fluffy, but there's something generally quiet in how she's being, and quietly affectionate and waiting for Sean that shows a little lack of the hungry neediness that characterized her earlier public forays- perhaps because she *has* Sean, she's content to let Sean have her? Something of this nature seems to be going on at least.

Sean herself is seeming much more upfront and confident with what she's saying and wanting, and her body-language from the first page of this chapter screams confidence- and a lack of flinching at Alis' shoulder-kiss and taking her onto the boat in this one seems to point towards an...owner's opinion. Like your cat licking you is not going to phase you from the thing you're doing, much as Alis' kisses don't. There's some accepted responsibility and power-dynamic shift that has gone on here between this chapter and the last and I'm impressed by how understated it is, with very little in the way of verbal cueing.

Rather, the verbal stuff has largely been driving the other dynamic here between Sean and Cara, with confident assertion being met with bubbling enthusiasm. From what Cara says Leo is something of a pushover, and I think maybe her exhibitionist streak, coupled with Sean's new interests in experimenting and finding results will turn this trip into something of a show. It seems, given the dynamics, and Sean's eyes-open attitude going in, that she might take the role of dictating the action amongst all the other players, and because something of a domme for all three, with Alis being Chief Monkey.

Or at least, I don't think this is impossible. I'm sure she's going to be paying a lot of passive attention to Alis anyway over the course of this. Should be interesting to see how Leo rolls with it all!
Miao edit delete reply
I don't like dresses either, Alis.
Sheela edit delete reply
But she likes Sean's arms. :)
Miao edit delete reply
Well, what subbe wouldn't, really.
Sheela edit delete reply
Ones that likes her feet ?