Comic 370 - Patches
10th May 2016, 9:00 PM in Groundhog Week
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vivaldi edit delete reply
Dat face.
RhinocerosGoggles edit delete reply
Great page! <3 panel 7 ^_^
Hogan edit delete reply
Christmas just came early :D
Sheela edit delete reply
Anticipation, thy name is Alis. :D

She's entirely too excited for her own good.
WolfePaws edit delete reply
Torment, thy name is Sean.

Tantalisation, thy name is View.
Marimari edit delete reply
Ah, in all the commotion I had forgotten about the patch :) The way the poses had worked, we hadn't seen it for ten pages (though should we have seen it in page 365?).

It's enjoyable to see Sean establishing boundaries and reinforcing this "training." The last couple of panels make Alis really look like the pet that she is -- appreciative and eager to please but needing some external control.

Also, Alis' pose in panel 1 is just beautiful. Nice contrast between soft and hard.
jamie59 edit delete reply
Well sleep so tomorrow may cum.
Golfclubninja (Guest) edit delete reply
Your profile picture is perfect for that joke

+10 Rep
Jst56strong edit delete reply
And that was the last time Alis got close to touching Sean's naughty bits and then everyone died a horrible tear jerking death :D
Miao edit delete reply
That is tremedously cute.

Pets are for more fun than subbes, whih is strictly a personal opinion.
TDL edit delete reply
Sorry guys, was on holiday. I'll ruminate on this and others in a day or so, when I'm free.