Comic 369 - Cough
6th May 2016, 8:08 PM in Groundhog Week
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Readin' the wikis
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Supplicant edit delete reply
Sean seems like exactly the kind of person that would start with Wikipedia when learning how to be a dom :p
Sheela edit delete reply
Oh yeah, reading the wiki's ... Party on Sean ! :D
WolfePaws edit delete reply
There's got to be a wikihow, surely?
Mashivan (Guest) edit delete reply
Found it
Dragonrider edit delete reply
I get the feeling Alis wants to get in some "hand to hand" and "face time" with Sean.
DocMesa edit delete reply
Hrmmmm, worried about that cough. Wonder whether Alis' nano-respiratory system has been overworked from all that excitement.
Ghost(Ghost) edit delete reply
"There is another scene in which John and Elizabeth go into a harness shop, and John selects and purchases a whip, while the shop employees do double takes and Elizabeth stands, wide-eyed, as he whooshes it through the air. There is no subsequent scene in which the whip is used. I do not argue that there should be; I only argue that, in a movie like this, to buy a whip and not use it is like Camille coughing in the first reel and not dying in the last." -- eerily relevant quote from Roger Ebert's review of 9 1/2 Weeks...
Damnatio edit delete reply
Next Page: Alis' mom shows up because of the coughing, makes her replace the patch, and then awkwardly lets them be.
TDL edit delete reply
Ah, the aftercare~

I'm sure Sean's read up on it. It's good to see her (rightly) care about Alis' condition at the end, and it's great to be given just that slight sliver of info that she's looked up what it is Alis might like in order to give it to her; particularly in how she's comparing and contrasting it with her own actions- that little insecurity and wishing to improve is really nice.

I think for all Alis is saying, she does appreciate that, she just wants something more...advanced along. It's a pretty poetic thought, for a Dom to be taught by their sub on how to dominate them seems to hint to me, paired with some of the other actions Alis has enjoyed and employed, that she's looking to be a little more 'objectified', or less cared for and more 'used'. Perhaps because previously she's used to being paid a lot of attention and being tended to. To that end, I think she's done well in landing with Sean, but I think the comfort-levels will have to be eased into.

I really like Alis' expression in panel 3, it's a really nice, light, contented expression that feels very honest. Sean's face in panel 2 has a nice wistful quality too. I needn't say much about panel 4 in how evident and expressive it is, but I think the sharp teeth and jagged closed eyes gives a lot to the sharp, harsh dynamic of her coughing- you're good at knowing when to draw loosely and *at* drawing loosely (unlike myself) and I'm always impressed by it.

Anyway, the dialogue-end on this page I think lends itself well to leading into follow-up action, it feels like it's priming us for more, like a revelation, or something that allows for more characterful moments to come about easily in how Alis' responds, or how Sean decides to treat her, which I always appreciate. Super nice as ever!
Deamon edit delete reply
I can feel a death flag in distance ... oh god ...
Supplicant edit delete reply
Don't you dare! I don't even want to consider that!
Bean (Guest) edit delete reply
I'm afraid I see it too. It's been noted that she survived something that killed a lot of people, she has to use ppatches to oxigenize her body, her mom looks grim as fuck and is insistent that she has some meeningful interaction.

This girl has a terminal illness and this story is going to put us all in tetears. I intend to enjoy every moment of it. Even the sweet, sat parts.
Ethereal (Guest) edit delete reply
If the story goes that way, then so it goes. View gives a good story, I'll give my trust that will be the case here, however it goes.
Bellar edit delete reply
Now that Deamon and Bean mention it, the clues do seem rather obvious.

Perhaps this is the price we pay for the happy ending in Space Pulp -- a blood sacrifice for View must be made.
Supplicant edit delete reply
No ;-; I know what you're saying and I can see it too, but please ;-; View, no ;-;
Sheela edit delete reply
Death to the unbelievers !
They do not follow the eternal emperor, and thus, Alis' soul shall be fuel for his hatred!
Damastech (Guest) edit delete reply
Now that there is some "give," I question the nature of view's "take." It'd be odd to have it happen sudden, such as in DMTG, but... I suppose there will be some spider-chicken eggs to crack.
Miao edit delete reply
Sometimes, doing whatever you want is what a good domme does.
TeeKay edit delete reply
Besides, she didn't just do exactly whatever she wanted. She adapted to avoid REAL discomfort to Alis.
Terashell (Guest) edit delete reply
View, must all your things have sads?
TomasseWolfe (Guest) edit delete reply
Now this comments section certainly has been a roller coaster of emotions. It makes lurking in the background even better!
GolfClubNinja (Guest) edit delete reply
I know right, it's great