Comic 368 - Don't Move
3rd May 2016, 8:34 PM in Groundhog Week
Don't Move
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Author Notes:
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Sorry I've slowed to two pages a week, I'm really working pretty much flat-out.
User comments:
space_munkey edit delete reply
Chill man, just do your thing and we will enjoy the show as it comes out.
Sheela edit delete reply
I agree with Space_Munkey
Kintoga edit delete reply
Was that an orgasm?

I wonder if Sean is going to experience something new very soon...
Dragonrider edit delete reply
That outburst might bring parental observation to see if everyone is all right.
Blitz McGee edit delete reply
While I love almost everything about the comic (especially this particular arc), I do have one question. What's with the pig nose? I'm no artist, so perhaps it is simply my ignorance speaking, but is there no other way to represent a nose in a forward facing portrait than to just do nostrils?

I do like Sean's partial nose profile.
view edit delete reply
Hm, dunno.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Pig noses are often used in manga and anime which view's style is patterned after.
TDL edit delete reply
Yay! This is a pretty cute update here.

Very nice how the vibrator goes slightly out of the panel bounds to show its removal from the scenario; I always appreciate those little kind of wall-breaking touches and it was very effective in making the action 'big' without having the panel need to take up a larger space.

The fingers digging in on panel 4 are also nice in how they're digging in; there also seems to be a hint of something that looks like....smoke, but I'm assuming are marks from nail-dragging, which is nicely effective in indicating the length of her spasms of pleasure. I'm enjoying the muscle-tension that you're indicated between this and panel 3 too, in particular the tension in Sean's arm as she's grabbled by Alis, keeping it rigid and in place as Alis asks her to, producing force to counter Alis' own which might actually disrupt her position.

The expressions at every step here are lovely too, with all the little beads of sweat on Alis, how in panel one you get a great sense of her going into a loud moan but it -catching- and stuttering quietly in her throat by the hint of a tongue being pushed toward the back and top of the mouth (nice shading there), and the remaining pictures of her looking so drained and out of air are just really adorable.

Sean's expressions are great I think because they pick up on this adorableness, and she seems genuinely pleased to have been able to do this with/to Alis- still inquiring over the effects as she is trying to work it out, but using the full-stop instead of a questionmark in the latter shows a kind of teasing confidence and assertion that she's gotten quite good at. The change between an eyebrows-up pleased confusion and a kind of...careminder/motherly affection in the last panel is really sweet and touching- particularly as she's normally cold when the hair is over one eye, so you have an added dimension to her 'Mistress' persona of actual care.

So yeah, this is really good page, and it gives me a lot of encouragement for them going ahead and inching forward their 'play' together. Lay on, View!
Karyl (Guest) edit delete reply
speaking as a natural blond with fair complexion myself, Alis's ears could also be pink....
view edit delete reply
They're pretty red, yeah.
cattservant edit delete reply
Pretty good chance it was.
Twistedfro edit delete reply
Is she saying 'don't move...don't move' ? Frickin' awesome :-)
merle edit delete reply
Took me a bit to try to read it, but I think you're right.
TJ (Guest) edit delete reply
I cannot believe it has taken me so long to discover this comic!!! I literally read the whole thing in less than an hour and holy shit, the drawing quality improved 100% with each page! There were so many panels that were absolutely lovely! Consider me a new loyal fan! :)
Miao edit delete reply
Yeah, I've done that.

It got me spanked.

Worth it.

Also, Sean is SMILING again!
merle edit delete reply
She has an amazing smile. I hope we get to see more of it.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Why are her nipples pink?
merle edit delete reply
The comic is monochrome...except for what's wet (and catches Sean and Alis' interest). I leave you to draw your own conclusions.
Deamon edit delete reply
I can't believe you'd slow to two pages! I don't pay you nothing to not do at least 50 pages XD All joking aside, you have the fastest releases out of everyone I follow. Not to mention you keep a consistent quality of AMAZING
Phuji edit delete reply
Back in my day, view put out 6 pages a week... AND they were great quality.
view edit delete reply
Yeah, when I was unemployed.
Lee M edit delete reply
Lee M
The vibrator, meanwhile, got its own spinoff comic.
Sheela edit delete reply
And a tophat!
Guessed (Guest) edit delete reply
Damastech (Guest) edit delete reply
Nyaaaaaa.... Bringing the cat eyes to voice. Lack of sleep. Great use of perspective
RandomTroll edit delete reply
On a scale of tingle, to Armageddon....
█████ (Guest) edit delete reply
Armageddon a tingle?