Comic 367 - Mouth
30th Apr 2016, 9:37 PM in Groundhog Week
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Workin' workin' workin'
User comments:
cattservant edit delete reply
Still thinking ahead!
Guestidigititis (Guest) edit delete reply
See, that makes me happy. Wanting that kiss makes me think Sean really DOES have more than a curiosity-driven interest in Alis as a sex partner. I know she loves her as a friend, but this hints at romance. Or at least the intensity that comes with really intimate lovemaking instead of just exploration.
Sheela edit delete reply
Sean wants the full experience, eh ?
Sheela edit delete reply
Flailings .. Alis has them!
Bellar edit delete reply
whap whap whap
whap whap
Damnatio edit delete reply
If her other arm wasn't blocked, she'd probably start to fly.
Sheela edit delete reply
Ha ha ha, yeah, she'd fly .. like a chicken!
Deamon edit delete reply
I am loving this!
Marimari edit delete reply
Beautiful! I love the way you draw Alis; the look of her abs and inner thighs in panel 5 is my new favorite thing. (also it's a great contrast to have the tight/tense muscles of her core alongside her whappity noodle arms).

Echoing what Guestidigititis pointed out -- it's neat to see their interactions changing from page to page and transition into something different.

I am curious about the last panel, and whether it is (and/or whether Sean will interpret it as) Alis just trying to find something to hold onto to control herself -- or if she's trying to pull those shorts off (which may require Sean to reassert her authority and dominance).
TDL edit delete reply
To build a little on what my good friend Marimari has already said, I am enjoying the use of white space in panel ;,knowing your inclination toward detail I must assume stylistic. It's effective, showing where all the attention and focus is located; on the bodies and the interplay between the two, and Alis' muffled-cries dissipating into nothing.

Also good how Sean is keeping up the same kind of structure to her commands, so getting Alis used to them; and her smile while saying them is a nice touch too. Very nice!
merle edit delete reply
"Whappity noodle arm" is now my favorite phrase.
Dragonrider edit delete reply
Now it begins, now that it's on
Needles and pins, twilight till dawn
Watching that clock feeling the yearn
Lighting that torch and watching it burn

With apologies to Toni Fisher and Wayne Shanklin,
marmelmm edit delete reply
Go for it, Alis! ;D
Damastech (Guest) edit delete reply
Been gone about a year over, and damn, view, you brought the goods. Both the organization of line and erratic lines blow my mind. I suppose that is an attempt at a complement. Thanks for the work.
view edit delete reply
Miao edit delete reply
Sean is enjoying herself a lot more than she seems to have thought she would.
Sheela edit delete reply
A pleasant surprise, I'm sure.
█████ (Guest) edit delete reply
I do so enjoy this comic.
Wonderful work.
view edit delete reply
Glad to head it!
Sheela edit delete reply
You head it ?
█████ (Guest) edit delete reply
Head canon.

It's primed and loaded.
Karyl (Guest) edit delete reply
I am thinking by now that where Alis is sitting is bringing some vibration to Sean as well, whether or not she expected it...superbly done interplay!
merle edit delete reply
As beautifully sexy as this has been...that flailing arm is the funniest thing I've seen all year. I just love it.
Sheela edit delete reply
Ha ha, yeah, Alis isn't entirely in control right now.

Which is often the most fun way to be. :)
merle edit delete reply
Amen to that!