Comic 365 - Magic Fingers
24th Apr 2016, 7:38 PM in Groundhog Week
Magic Fingers
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Hedrah edit delete reply
All the smuttery
Guestidigititis (Guest) edit delete reply
That sounds like an old-timey term for a porn-shop. "I'm taking the buggy to town to pick up some racy needlepoints from Johnson's back by sundown."
Lysander edit delete reply
While you're there, see if they have the latest edition of "Mdme. Ethsleby's Tales of Ribaldry." This month is supposed to have a new chapter of the "The Ongoing Adventures of Lady Haversham: Intrepid Sexual Explorer -- Amongst the Mermaids."

Be sure it's part Part 27 of 158. "Or, Our Heroine Learns to Hold her Breath." I already have Part 26, "Or, Our Heroine Learns Gains a Deeper Understanding of Mermaid Linguistics."
Hogan edit delete reply
I'm sorry... I cant hear what you are saying! :D
Dragonrider edit delete reply
Methinks that Sean is discovering she is a Switch, a Bi and is planning on getting hers as soon as Alis almost reaches a climax point. She will stop just short of allowing it to happen until she has been satisfied.
Jst56strong edit delete reply
:| Thoughts Vixen?

vixen (Guest) edit delete reply
This is gonna get good... >;)
WolfePaws edit delete reply
Sean's fingers are beautifully rendered, once again.

I wonder if Alis is going to need a break for oxygenation at this rate?
Sheela edit delete reply
Like fingers, do you ? :)
elfolampo edit delete reply
Don't worry, Alis doesn't really breathe anyway, with the power of nanomachines she can go on, and on, and on.
cattservant edit delete reply
Going to need a new patch.
RandomTroll (Guest) edit delete reply
Flawless execution of the "plot,".

Sheela edit delete reply
The plot is wide open !! XD
Sheela edit delete reply
Methinks Sean already know the answer to that question, and is just teasing Alis. :)

Meanwhile, Alis has gone into pure static mode.
DocMesa edit delete reply
Ec-static. :p
TDL edit delete reply
Haha, this is great.

Not all too much to say regarding this one. I love how Alis is entirely incoherent in her voice; but that she's following along Sean's's either approval, or she's been mind-blanked from the pleasure of it.

I like the vibration effects on the fingers, it is a very effective way of showing them, and similarly I like the faint pinkness of Alis' pussy to show its wetness. The fingers themselves are great, and...I'd probably say maybe my favourite thing is how fleshy you made Alis' pussy in the 6th panel, with the pull lines. It's got this great sense of texture. The panel work in the first 4 panels is also really nice, giving wide panels for the widening legs.

Sean is really enjoying what she's doing here too; those bright eyes and general expressions remind me a lot of that big, beaming smile she had last time they did roughhousing in the room. I think some of the language 'This is fun!' is more angled toward getting a raise or response from Alis, as it's not something she really *needs* to say, but it kinda enhances it for the both of them. The faint blush in the last panel from her shows...perhaps a little comfort, as well? I only think this because now she's at a point where it seems she can do as she pleases, she can actually start to get to enjoy her toy.

Alis' expression in the last panel I could take two ways, most likely being she's just plain 'out of it' in responding. Obviously this 'reeling' can't last forever, but there's a certain paralyzed, helpless enjoyment accompanying it that (certainly in panel 5) just seems to be swallowing the majority of her focus up that prevents reacting.

Going to be great to see what's coming next, if things continue to get more comfortable...or not!
DocMesa edit delete reply
If I were View, I'd suddenly announce that I had decided to become a celibate monk and move to Nepal. With my vows of chastity, it would mean permanently leaving the comic without the climax commenters have been hungrily, desperately yearning for since the Alis/Sean romance began, with this being the perfect page to finish on. ]8D

Of course, the above is just me being silly. I know View loves to tease us but there's no way he'd be that cruel, right?....Right?
Lysander edit delete reply
I think I would prefer a smash-cut to a bleached-white skeleton.
Guesstimate (Guest) edit delete reply
Or a nuke goes off and kills them all, then it switches to a metal gear like story about the war after the nukes went off.
marmelmm edit delete reply
Teh smut! It's beautiful! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
vivaldi edit delete reply
View, I have a question/request.
view edit delete reply
Well, you'll need to be a lot more specific than that!
vivaldi edit delete reply
Haha you got me. I wanted to use Alis from panel 3 on the last page for my avatar. You know, the terrified one. In primarily on mobile though. Do you have a stand alone layer of Alis that would work for that?
view edit delete reply
I do, but without the dark framing it's extremely washed out. Is this good enough?
vivaldi edit delete reply
It's perfect. Many thanks.
Bellar edit delete reply
Heh, that sideways glance in the last panel. It seems Alis has just now realized just what kind of person she was playing temptress with this whole time.
Twistedfro edit delete reply
All I gotta say is...Dayammm Sean!
Jojo (Guest) edit delete reply
Wondering if Sean is going to command Alis to not cum until she's "earned" it...
Sheela edit delete reply
Heh, interesting idea.
Though I don't think Alis is quite that much in control of herself, right now.