Comic 364 - Commands
20th Apr 2016, 10:48 PM in Groundhog Week
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cattservant edit delete reply
That's the spot!
Spfee (Guest) edit delete reply
I just remembered why I occasionally check several times a day.

:3 Thanks View, for all your hard work.
view edit delete reply
I don't really know that I update enough for that kind of dedication, but thanks!
ArkaneWhooves edit delete reply
It's not just the amount of updates weekly you do, it's your constant improvement and ability to make admirable characters. Your skill has made following this comic for nearly 2 damn years so worth it.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
and the porn :D
popisfizzy (Guest) edit delete reply
I think that how often you look at a comic to see if it updated is probably inversely related to how regularly it's updated. E.g., if you know a comic updates only on MWF then you don't bother checking on other days. Meanwhile, if there is no fixed output schedule except "about every other day" then you're more likely to check regularly to see if there's an update. Without a doubt, there's still a lot of dedication involved though.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Dawg, RSS
Sheela edit delete reply
Yeah, the comic has a lovely RSS feed. :)
WolfePaws edit delete reply
RSS saves me hundreds of clicks per day!
Terashell (Guest) edit delete reply
I've still no idea how to use RSS
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Holy crap that's amazing. That bolded 'NOW' is probably my favorite thing ever.
Guestidigititis (Guest) edit delete reply
Alis' eyes in panel three...oh boy. I think for the first time in the comic, it's dawning on her that Sean is serious about taking control from her. Before, Alis always had a bit of leverage in how she teased Sean or how she snuck some saucy submissive pleasure out of their roughhousing. She had the technique of a Tops-From-Below kind of sub for a while there, and she probably thought Sean might never take the initiative.

Well, that's all shattered now.
vivaldi edit delete reply
Those panel 3 eyes are definitely made of fear.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
As always, Alis has the best expressions (though Sean's intense stare in panel 1 is great too). Those discombobulated sketch-like eyes are great at showing just how much Alis is falling apart under all this sensation.

And there's a nice contrast between the busy frenzy of the first three panels and the more open and calm(?)/subdued(?) last panels. A reflection of how all the overwhelming feelings Alis is feeling are made bearable as soon as she follows Sean's commands.
Marimari edit delete reply
Oops, that was me -- didn't log in.
RandomTroll edit delete reply
I guess Sean really wanted to go swimming - and had to err...make? her own pool?

Of Alis juice.
Dragonrider edit delete reply
Wonder what Mom thinks about the noises cumming out of Alis' room.
cattservant edit delete reply
Probably still has the room monitored.
Sheela edit delete reply
Methinks that is why Alis is keeping her mouth covered with her hands, to keep the noise low enough for Dr Mom to not notice.

Not that I think she can keep secrets form Dr Mom, but that's another matter.
Lysander edit delete reply
I theorize she knows they have a relationship and approves. She did command Sean to visit her daughter -- I think she might have noticed the hesitation and decided to help in her own way.
Deamon edit delete reply
Got here before TDL made his analysis. That's certainly a first XD Love how the story is going View, keep it coming!
TDL edit delete reply
I actually saw this hours and hours ago but I was really tired and didn't want to analyze it half-heartedly. Well done for beating me here though!
TDL edit delete reply
Yay! Hard to know where to start with this one.

I think the most arresting panel here would be panel 3, though, for all the implications in it. Marimari's picked up on it too, how those eyescapture very succinctly the blaze and friction of a lot of different emotional and logical forces breaking and jamming and working against each other inside of Alis, and then the transition from those more sketchy, loud, tight opening panels into wider, close-eyed and smooth latter ones. You really get a great feeling for Alis' mental transition with them, and the hint that...perhaps she didn't *actually* know what she was asking for, or had different ideas to the reality of things, but now is being bent into the correct/right shape of 'Alis-as-Sean's-toy'.

Sean's expression in this are really nice too, where you can see the feigned nonchalance slide away here and there to allow a much more stern force take over. Right now, this almost strikes me as part of this 'hammering into shape' process- that the instruction Sean gives in panel 2 is ideally how she would give them, more caring and more prompt, with a clipped, simple force, but that Alis (certainly at such a moment) isn't quite there yet, not pliable and responsive enough under all duress, so she needs just that little bit of extra sternness in panel 3...and hence the quieter approach being tried again in panel 5. Try, correct, apply again; teaching and shaping. I think Sean's eyes in panel 1 show this best; as the look of someone who is working on something and applying effort into the task.

Your use of Sean's hair in all of this should be praised too, in how it affects the mood of the piece, from a whip of determination to a cover of authority; it's always nice to see. The contrast in Alis' eyes and eyebrows in panel 4 is good too in suggesting the whole array of tension, uncertainly and appeasement present.

Again, it's great. Can't wait for the next page!
Miao edit delete reply
I think I enjoy the look of supreme concentration and effort on Sean's face in panel one. I don't think she expected a reaction quite so violent.
TDL edit delete reply
I think Sean's panel 1 face is probably tied or just behind Alis' panel 3 face in general importance when it comes to reading internal reactions of the characters here. She doesn't look surprised from the violent reaction though more than determined, I'd wager.