Comic 363 - Yeah
18th Apr 2016, 12:38 AM in Groundhog Week
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Well now!
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guestidigititis (Guest) edit delete reply
That Sean's quite a tricky one.
Sheela edit delete reply
I don't think Alis minds a bit of trickyness. :)
Guestidigititis (Guest) edit delete reply
Or stickyness.
Karyl (Guest) edit delete reply
seems Sean has figured out what she wants to do, and Alis is getting the best of that!
RandomTroll (Guest) edit delete reply
My favorite position with my last girlfriend, is pretty much exactly as drawn.

Minus the super-vibe, and more hands-on...
Mirrored edit delete reply
Got some Burgerpants-level facial transitions in the fifth and sixth panels there. Enjoying where this is going so far!
Jaymark108 edit delete reply
I was just thinking the same thing, and it's the best part of Burgerpants, too (not the "maybe drawn in MS paint" part).
WolfePaws edit delete reply
That transferrance works surprisingly well, through palm, fingers and especially fingertips. It even works through the tongue if you don't mind your eyeballs rattling.

I wonder what Alis sounds like when she's breathless. We already know her voice is scarred. Maybe she uses the dive signals Sean's taught her?

"I'm OK! Go DOWN!"
Sheela edit delete reply
Nice avatar btw. :)
Marimari edit delete reply
Loving the detail/definition in the muscles in panels 1 and 3, and the way Alis is reacting and squirming. The little hints of redness and blue wetness are good at focusing the eye, if only to confirm that yep it's not just a trick of the eye but actually a color change.

Alis continues to have the best facial expressions as she melts into a happy puddle. Her dorky monkey-eared face just keeps getting more so.

Sean's expressions are interesting. Definitely more dispassionate and analytical -- interested but without the sort of coy teasing/playfulness you might expect from Alis if their roles were reversed.

Had a feeling the "using her hand" thing would end up like this. Noticing Sean isn't starting on low; despite what Alis said, she didn't actually ask Sean to start slow -- so either Sean gets a chance to be more forceful, or she gets a chance for Alis to beg her to turn down the vibration. Win-win.
TDL edit delete reply
Ahhh, I love it. Marimari's already done a good job in pointing out the artistic side to this, expressions and the like, but I think it bears repeating how nice the muscle-definition is on Alis, and the way she parts her legs to give Sean more access.

I had a feeling from the fact Sean didn't put the wand away and just put it to her side she'd be using it in this capacity, and I find her expressions in this intriguing; I'd almost say that she's doing this entirely innocently and clinically, accidentally being good at dominating....but for the glance we see on panel 5.

Other than that, it could just be seen that she's being incredibly literal about what Alis suggested- and make no mistake she is being- but that she didn't actually wait for a proper answer before using the vibe shows I think an intention for deception and control. I also think it shows that her demeanour is honest only to a certain point, by which I mean *yes* she's exploring her curiosities and is being largely matter-of-fact and engineering about it, but that also serves as an able barrier in not letting Alis dictate the pace, or guess to her intent...and perhaps as some titillation. Sean does know Alis sees this side of her as 'flirting' afterall, even if Sean doesn't (or didn't) believe it to be so.

So that glance on panel 5 (mainly the eyebrow) gives a slight insight to the fact Sean has 'designs' of a sort, I think. She's actually got Alis exactly where she wants, thinking about it- her arms are now wrapped around Alis' own, so she's not going to be able to escape the wand, and she also gets to feel Alis's responses better without a barrier in between; learning her.

That idea of 'starting' Sean mentioned is still in the back of my mind though; and because of that phrase (and how Sean seemed to enjoy drawing a 'correct' answer out of Alis), I wouldn't be surprised if this is going to end up being more than just a bit of wand-and-Alis-research. You could probably already say this is another learning experience for Alis as well, of Sean's dominance...but the question remains: to what end? Will be nice to find out! Very nice update worth waiting for.
cattservant edit delete reply
Bee to the honey...
Miao edit delete reply
Oh yes. Definitely hand instead of towel.
Sheela edit delete reply
View has stopped teasing, and has started delivering the goods. :)
Bellar edit delete reply
Don't jinx us now Sheela, Comments like this are what get us more teasing instead of goods!

Next ting we know Alis' mom will walk in on them and it will all fall apart.
Kintoga edit delete reply
no no no, they both wake up from the same dream. One good dream, and one "bad" dream
Sheela edit delete reply
Oooohh .. jinxing it .. I hadn't thought of that.
Hey View, how could we best jinx it now ?
vivaldi edit delete reply
I laughed uncontrollably at the last two panels. I don't think is was meant to be as amusing as I thought it was.
Lysander edit delete reply
Now that's cool. She's pleasing her friend, and giving herself a hand-massage in the process. She's working smart instead of working hard. That's the kind of problem-solving I'd want to see in an astronaut.
Miao edit delete reply
I think it is a very good thing Sean is strong enough to handle a thrashing Alis, because in a few milliseconds she's going to have to deal with a thrashing Alis.