Comic 357 - Starting Line
30th Mar 2016, 8:39 PM in Groundhog Week
Starting Line
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This page looked so much better in sketch. :|
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Auren edit delete reply
And yet, it is still fantastic!
Karyl (Guest) edit delete reply
Alis looks SO relieved that it's not over yet--and weak-kneed with the experience she's already had. :)
Just based on your title for the page, gotta mention a song with those words in the name: " Everybody Looks Good (at the Starting Line)"
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Relieved it's not over, but weak-kneed at the experience... sounds like something I experienced once.

Not with a girl, of course, but with an E60 BMW M5, with the 7-speed SMG and that beautiful V10... what I would give to drive that beast again...
Karyl edit delete reply
Sorry, forgot to log in the first time!
Guestidigititis (Guest) edit delete reply
My gosh, those sad puppy eyes Alis has when she's not sure why Sean is pushing her away. After all those false starts and doubts on Sean's part, I don't blame her a bit.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing some of the reasons Sean says she's scared of herself....
cattservant edit delete reply
She's ready!
TDL edit delete reply
Nice. I'm particularly enjoying the way the panels are set up here in how, post-kiss, they have framed both Sean and Alis; namely that Alis is small and full-bodied in her panel, and obviously lacking in strength, and how Sean is such a huge presence in her's, and her words are setting the pace.

You can definitely get a sense just from this alone at how much things have shifted from the pre-kiss, where Alis was the initiator diving in, to now where Sean is actively inquiring as to a start, and the idea of it actually prompts Alis into being *even more* incapable of action.

It's also nice that in the first panel, you can kind of read it as Alis still following that 'tongue out' instruction, as if waiting for more, or at least not having received an indication to stop.

Overall, even over your own objections, this is some really clever and thoughtful panelling here that you should be pleased with. Great work as ever, will be nice to see what Sean considers a proper 'start' to these activities (that kiss presumably being both a tone-setter and a bit of a 'gimme' to Alis)!
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I kinda like the paneling, but the sketches were much stronger, emotionally.
TDL edit delete reply
Well, to be perfectly straight with you, I did notice that on the place-holder image Sean did look more imperious than she does here, for whatever reason. At least that was the impression that I got.

I don't think it's something that requires revisiting though, as the message you're conveying through the medium is still getting through, and very well at that.
Guesstimate (Guest) edit delete reply
Hey, if you still have the sketches, post them then, I know I would love to see them.
Hogan edit delete reply
Alis' mind, or whats left of it, in the last panel... "Start? If this was just the appetizer I will NOT survive the main course... but I will die happy!" :D
Admiral Alex (Guest) edit delete reply
Only thing I'm disappointed with ao far is that you drew and described Alis as "ripped" in the the first few pages, but since then she's just been small. Can you try reverting to the ripped physique for a page or two to see how it looks?

Other than that, still loving it!
view edit delete reply
It's sort of on purpose, since it's how Sean sees things more than anything else. But, yeah, we'll get more muscle soon.

I don't know if "ripped" is the term. "Toned", maybe. She's not beefy.
Susu edit delete reply
It's the term Sean used though
Admiral Alex (Guest) edit delete reply
Fair point, though she was still athletic back then as opposed to just slim. Looking forward to see what you mean by "more mussle soon".
Twistedfro edit delete reply
I'm both terrified and excited for her at the same time
Lee M edit delete reply
Lee M
In the last panel Alis looks like a much cuter version of Gollum... about to get her precioussss...
Miao edit delete reply
Too much of a good thing for Alis maybe!
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
So this is why Sean was so reluctant to get close to anyone. She's a brutal masochist, and Alis is about to get kilt! They didn't discuss the safe word.
sigpig edit delete reply
I believe that you meant the term "sadist" instead of "masochist". Two opposite sides of the coin, to put it simply...
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Oops. Good call.
MacGuyver edit delete reply
Yas, ready to start!