Comic 356 - Hahhh
27th Mar 2016, 7:50 PM in Groundhog Week
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This page was surprisingly hard to draw.
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Hedrah edit delete reply
All the kissing, prepare for incoming hoots and howls of "Finally!" and such.
Sheela edit delete reply
And then the mother interrupts them. :D
Council (Guest) edit delete reply
No pls don't ,you will waste another month before we get a chance to see them in this state
P.s been reading NMTG last year so I have hope for you view.......
Dragonrider edit delete reply
From the looks of things someone is very,very close to the edge. One gentle brush of the hand and she is gonna see skyrockets.
Greebles (Guest) edit delete reply
I think I saw this is a NatGeo documentary, next Alis will extend her mating tubes to greet Sean, and then I think Sean bites her head off. Later on she will swim thousands of miles up river to lay her eggs.
Sheela edit delete reply
No, no .. that's what the parents did !
These youngsters, they'll swim DOWN the river.
quetzlsacatanango edit delete reply
lazy ass millenials
M. Bison (Guest) edit delete reply

Kintoga edit delete reply
And then she woke up...
AlistairGhirahn edit delete reply
I swear, if this happens, I will laugh maniacally
The Saprophyte (Guest) edit delete reply
Only if a naked Patrick Duffy is waiting in the shower to greet her.
TDL edit delete reply

Not so much to speculate about this one, but that's no bad thing. I like the colour-change on the tongue, a deeper red feels like it indicates more passion- the apparent depth of the kiss and the utter physical consumption in panel 3 (and the contrast between Alis' open fingers and Sean's closed) seem to very much indicate that Sean has persuaded Alis to have given over control of it over to this respect, panel 4 is is very cleverly chosen, in that it shows that Alis is even having to use Sean to support herself.

And given the last panel's breathy sounds, it seems both are, so far, rather pleased with this growing arrangement. I dare say that once the kiss is broken, their positions from when they went into it will be magnified even more. Can't wait to see!
TeeKay edit delete reply
In panel 4, I don't think it's Alis supporting herself, but more that she just wants to get closer to Sean. Based on the last couple of pages it seems pretty clear that Sean doesn't need any help supporting Alis. The interesting thing about it (I thought) was that Sean allows Alis to wrap her legs around Sean, when on the last couple of pages she forced Alis to be completely passive.

That and the mirrored reaction in the last panel made me think Sean might've been getting lost in the kiss, forgetting for a moment about controlling Alis.

Will be interesting to see whether she'll reassert control, or go for something more mutually active now. Either way, agreed, can't wait to see :P

(edit: sooo easy to accidentally double post here :( )
TDL edit delete reply
I don't doubt that Alis' intent is to get closer to Sean, hence the feeling of desperation/lust created by clawing toes, I was just speculating on wider symbolism that could also be taken from it, and why that particular shot might have been chosen-and why it was that Alis did that rather than, say, entirely wrap her legs about Sean's waist.

(And yeah, it can be. I'm glad for these little boxes though; my comp crashed it and saved me re-typing a really long post last update! P.Good.)
TeeKay edit delete reply
I just figured it was the only place she could reach ;) Sean is still holding her body in place so she can't do whatever she might want.

In any case, I wasn't saying that you were wrong (because neither of us can be certain anyway) as much as just expressing what I found particularly interesting in that panel, i.e. Sean allowing Alis' active action. We'll see how it goes from here :P

(Heh, that was lucky. Might be worth typing really long comments in some other application and just copy pasting in, but .. eh.. at least I am too lazy to do that :D)
TDL edit delete reply
I don't think Sean is going to particularly mind *some* action on the part of Alis so long as it doesn't push against her own whims. Or if she does, there's not much she can do about it at this stage. I mean it's pretty early days, we can't expect one tongue-pacification to be the one issue that needed tending to or anything.

(I normally do, but I reckon if these bawkses are saving the text anyway, then that's one less worry. :D)
Mirrored edit delete reply
*airhorn sounds
Sheela edit delete reply
Say it with me : They're in Leeeeesbians with eachother ! :D
anonymous coward (Guest) edit delete reply
Kissing each other, not kissing you?
Greebles (Guest) edit delete reply
They're just a little bicurious!
Geusttimate (Guest) edit delete reply
Well time to go watch Scott Pilgrim for the millionth time
Susu edit delete reply
YESSSS that's just what I was just thinking!
Lee M edit delete reply
Lee M
Sojourner edit delete reply
Toes in panel 4
Susu edit delete reply
repub if you agree
MacGuyver edit delete reply
Miao edit delete reply
Breathsharing for the unbreathing. Kinky.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
i really like the yin and yang of the last panel. also this page is the new cutest+hottest one. view you are a god
marmelmm edit delete reply
disQ (Guest) edit delete reply
The emotion on Ali's face in panel 1 is fuckin impeccable. It's... Whew. You have a way with semi-vacant expressions of overwhelming desire and arousal. Also the pain you can see in it as she is kinda powerless :(
Council (Guest) edit delete reply
Can anyone send me the link to read View's comic called"cheer"?
Council (Guest) edit delete reply
Sorry,i mean post ,not send.....
Undead H3r3tic edit delete reply
Undead H3r3tic
Literally just google "cheer view comic"

But looking back, he's come a long way since then.
Shaylyn-KM edit delete reply
I'm so completely dead

The deeper red looks symbolic

Bad at speak now sorry

*quietly sits in a corner*
Sheela edit delete reply
*eyes Shaylyn suspiciously*

Just what are you doing in the corner ?
And is that a ... toy?
vivaldi edit delete reply
You know, her avatar REALLY doesn't help.
Shaylyn-KM edit delete reply
*holds up* Yes!

It's a teddybear!
Sheela edit delete reply
... Pedobear, is that you ?
Isn't she much too old for you ?
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
and then Alis' mom burst in ruining the moment and causing them to dance around this tension for another 300 pages

Don't deny it View, I know you get off on teasing us.
Susu edit delete reply
I think Dr.Ma may have wanted this to happen, the way she's been having Sean over.
Sheela edit delete reply
You think Dr Ma is on to them ?
shadowinc edit delete reply
this is about 357 pages of pent up sexual rage. bout time.
Twistedfro edit delete reply
I wasn't expecting a kiss...pleasant surprise :-) I thought she was going to bite her or mmaaybee suck the tongue. surprised me madam. Well played. I don't know you as well as I thought I did :-)
eastwest (Guest) edit delete reply