Comic 355 - :P
24th Mar 2016, 10:52 PM in Groundhog Week
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Sojourner edit delete reply
DocMesa edit delete reply
Dat whine.
Cabron (Guest) edit delete reply
I've been reading you since cheer, and FUCK. this is the hottest thing you've ever drawn.
Guestidigititis (Guest) edit delete reply
View, can you just write ALL the erotica from now on, please?
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You folks sure are complimentary! I don't think it's top-tier stuff, but it was fun to plan!
RandomTroll (Guest) edit delete reply
Artwork? Acceptable.

Story? Top tier.

Writing? Top tier.
Ghost(Ghost) edit delete reply
It's top-tier stuff, dude.
Ghost(Ghost) edit delete reply
Trying to get wifey to read Scrubdiving and she keeps singing this:

I had no idea this song even existed! HAHAHA
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Takes some confidence to recommend a kinda pornographic comic to a lover.
Sebine edit delete reply
Christ on a Cracker

I feel so old D:
TK (Guest) edit delete reply
This takes me right back to high school ...

Damnit. I ran into this album recently, deep in my CDs. Need to find where I put it, it needs must be played.
Syn edit delete reply
Round and Round it goes, where does the Idea stop? Alis will soon know! Not what I was expecting but exquisite none the less. Colorful tongue licks, a desperately whiny Alis, and locking hands it just make this page feel so erotically cute. Is Sean triggering something in Alis' head though? It seems her eyes go glossy as she repeats her line, perhaps it's just nonprofessional lesbian lust?
The Paleontologist (Guest) edit delete reply
Your avatar is so fitting!
Jst56strong edit delete reply
Great use of color View.
Mooply edit delete reply
Oh Lordy! *swoons from hotness*
TDL edit delete reply
This is interesting; and I think Syn picked up on this a little before, but I'll go into it a little more for my own enjoyment. It seems that Sean could tell Alis was 'wanting' something, as noted from Sean's teasing 'drip' on panel 2 and Alis' tongue movements on panel 3, which Sean shuts down immediately (unwanted agency confirmed in panel 5). What she does next is interesting though, in impressing upon an open, receptive Alis the suggestion of a mental loop- coupled with a physical tightening in order to lock it in place, before moving in again to press against a more passive tongue.

It seems to me, from the suggestion and the focus you can see from Alis in panel 9 (being wholly absorbed by Sean), that Sean's desiring to establish a very strong, passive 'toy' mentality in Alis, down to her very thoughts, so Sean doesn't meet any pushback and can flex and do entirely and absolutely as she pleases. Pressing her tongue against Alis', knowing how much Alis wants a kiss, is a good measure of how far under thumb she mentally has her.

I'm honestly a little surprised that Sean would do something so sophisticated (if this is roundabout what she is doing) but it's true that she is studious, and being a trainee astronaut she probably have some knowledge of psychology, which'd be needed to enact this in the manner she has ('course it could just be a fetish too and she went out of her way to learn such things, but the two can jive together).

It's possible that it's *this* which Sean is more interested in, rather than any physical body of desire, to have something she can have leashed or harnessed purely by pushing with her own will. Entirely. Which would explain why she might be scared of herself, for wanting something so total, or at least uncompromising.

It'll be exciting to see what the case will be, and how susceptible to Sean's gentler but more total control Alis is going to be. Very nice!
Syn edit delete reply
Yes, you said it better than I ever could. It seems like Sean is trying to condition Alis the same way a dom would to a sub for playtime. As a practitioner of BDSM myself, I spend the first few weeks, up to 2 months, of the relationship getting the sub "conditioned". I don't like the term cause it sounds and makes me feel like some kind of evil person altering a persons thoughts towards certain stimuli even if that's exactly what they want. Essentially though that's what you do, you train them to react to certain stimuli and reward or punish accordingly, Pavlov's experiments worked for a reason. In this comic you can see the beginning of that in the way you described, Sean provides stimuli, stops, awaits reaction, provides the correction, in this case the denial of further tongue sports by speaking to her, then when Alis reacts in the "correct" way by reverting back to the submissive state she rewards her. I think you are spot on in your analysis here, but we won't know til View responds or for the next few pages. This makes me want to go back in the story and see if the other times they've been together Sean is trying to do something similar things.
TDL edit delete reply
It's only all speculation, it just seems likely from what I can see. For me though it's intriguing that Sean in 'correcting' Alis doesn't do so directly- she doesn't tell her to 'not reach for it' or anything, instead going off on what verbally seems like a tangent to scoop her up into the correct behaviour.

I think this is to do with what Sean wants internally. If she just told Alis to be passive, yes she might be, but she'd still be actively thinking about it, guessing as to whether this or that is appropriate, and occasionally being incorrect (like now) and not immersing or synching up with Sean's desires (I'm now suddenly reminded of the moments underwater where Alis slows down and synchs her heartbeat with another/the environment).

By going about it indirectly and absorbing Alis' focus into a single particular point, Sean is getting the physical reactions she wants coupled with an altered state of mind that maintains it without any thought toward it.

It's clever, and seems to me a further proof that this is something Sean has thought about in one way or another...perhaps even before meeting Alis, but certainly over the last while. I'm not too sure about previous places where this inclination could be seen well, but I think you could make the leap that her compulsive wish to 'correct' things like straps and the like also applies to 'behaviour', and from previous desires like on page 299 where she wants separate rules for herself and the others in regards to Alis displaying herself (given in a very casual manner, but still.)

There's very much a feeling of ritual going on here because of this; because it has never seemed like she's been as interested in the body offered to her as she has been in the offer itself. She's seen Alis naked before and not been taken with it, but the 'idea' of having it, of being free to touch or do whatever, to have it move and dress and whatever she pleases, seems to me to be where the temptation lies. The 'ritual', the transformation, the mental aspect of this is (I would wager) what excites/pleases Sean about this. I'm not sure she's interested in going full Pavlov or going to try hypnosis or anything, but I wouldn't put it past her to expect Alis to do certain things or slip into a certain mindset when spoken to/touched a particular way.

....But y'know. Take it all with a grain or two of salt. We'll find out, I'm sure!
Sheela edit delete reply
Colors! :D
MacGuyver edit delete reply
Somehow this feels applicable...
Miao edit delete reply
Yes, I get that too.

Poor Alis, she's going to be teased mercifully.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Of course there's color because they're both WET.
marmelmm edit delete reply
Homina homina homina...

And, of course, since the tongues are wet, they're in color... 3;)
Bellar edit delete reply
marmelmm edit delete reply
Prezackly. :D
Shaylyn-KM edit delete reply
[ear-shattering screaming from a passing car]
Auren edit delete reply
I really love the way you are using colors in this comic to intensify the situation. The incremental fading in of their tongues and the color in Alis' eye sets the tone incredibly well.
Undead H3r3tic edit delete reply
Undead H3r3tic
We did it, lads.

Also loving the first panel :P
The Paleontologist (Guest) edit delete reply
"I Made it Through the Rain" by Barry Manilow is coming to mind.
Council (Guest) edit delete reply
Where can I find your comic CHEER?
Also,"you spin me right now baby right now baby right now ...."
Sheela edit delete reply
View has a Hentai Foundry profile called "Forview", on which he has Cheer stashed away. :)
Council (Guest) edit delete reply
Link pls
Council (Guest) edit delete reply
Thanks sheela