Comic 350 - Invitation
13th Mar 2016, 1:24 AM in Groundhog Week
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Art is hard.
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AlistairGhirahn edit delete reply
Love it. The sass is strong.
Mister Flames edit delete reply
I think this is what's so confusing to Sion here. She's thinking that she's not a lesbian. That's probably true, but that doesn't preclude exceptions to crop up. "It's all right if it's you." We aren't all binary, after all, and historically a lot of people were what we call bisexual... and it was normal.

Good show, View, and huzzah for complexity.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Well, I mean very few people are truly absolutes on the kinsey scale.

Also that is a helluva burn from Alis.
Sebine edit delete reply
Here Sean
cattservant edit delete reply
The harder it is
the better it is!
Bellar edit delete reply
Alis isn't playing hard to get, I hope she's compensating appropriately.
Sheela edit delete reply
I suspect that Alis is telling her, that Sean is the tourist in this whole lesbian (or bi-curious) shindig.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Thanks I didn't quite understand her metaphor, which is crucial.
Sheela edit delete reply
Well, I'm not sure I got it right.
Also, as Cattservant is alluding to, the harder it is to get there, the better it is once you get there. The trip itself is half the battle.
Every journey begins with but a single step ... possibly dubstep. :)
TDL edit delete reply
Sean's objection is interesting, in thinking that exploring her curiosities would be the equivalent of teasing. Makes it a little more intriguing as to what things she's specifically curious *about*, especially based on what she was doing before she stopped. Perhaps she herself isn't even sure.

And a good logical rebuttal from Alis there in response. To the moooon!
StEfZoR edit delete reply
Thank you for finding my avatar, View. You're the best : D
Qwent edit delete reply
Thats couse Art has been reading your comic, silly :P
view edit delete reply
Ooo, subtle puns.
sigpig edit delete reply
But if art were easy, everyone would be doing it...
Zee (Guest) edit delete reply
after almost a whole year of reading your comics, i'm finally caught up! it's so nice to be up here with a living comments section.

and View, thanks much for the good comics! i'm going in for my second read of NMTG soon!
view edit delete reply
Have fun with that, it's meant to be reread.
Passerby (Guest) edit delete reply
AAAAAAnd after 1+ years of story development and 350 pages, we begin ACT II of SCRUB DIVING (I think.... ^^; )

Nice reaction face on Alis in panel 2! (^_^) Maybe somebody will blow it up a bit and use it as an avatar here. :)

Thank you for sharing this webcomic, View, and keep up the good work! :D
Sheela edit delete reply
Welcome to the now, now. :)
shadowinc edit delete reply
so much tension between them. sexual and otherwise.