Comic 348 - Tackle
7th Mar 2016, 10:08 PM in Groundhog Week
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RandomTroll edit delete reply
Just give us what we want, View.

rainbows 1701 edit delete reply
rainbows 1701
don't be foolish, they're just wrestlin'. Certainly nothing uncouth will come of this.
arsefardle (Guest) edit delete reply
Grown-ass man
Lee M edit delete reply
Lee M
Of course Alis let the strap fall on purpose, didn't she?
Sheela edit delete reply
Yes, yes she did.
It was bait.
jmkool edit delete reply
And I dare say she fell for it quite intentionally, this time.
TDL edit delete reply
Hey ho, first time commenting! Was only just pointed to this a few days ago, but I've liked your work for a long while. I don't know of an erotic artist who does characters quite as well as you, and it's been great to see your styles change. I really like how your dialogue doesn't spell everything out for the reader, and that you really do have to take the images and the words together, just as the medium should be.

So to comment more specifically on today's, it looks like Alis has been looking for this opportunity for quite a while...and judging from Sean's reaction, it might well be that she has to some degree, too. This should prove interesting, based on their last get-together...
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Welcome to the present! If you want an avatar, let me know~ although there's a tiny queue at the moment.
TDL edit delete reply
It's alright, I may draw my own in due time.
Syn edit delete reply
That grin, those eyes, the leg grab on that ever so wonderful tackle, oh View you titillate us so.
Hogan edit delete reply
... and she reached right into that Alis-trap! :D
Dragonrider edit delete reply
We have a situation here, think Alis is moving into the Hereafter Game. If you ain't here after what I'm here after you gonna be here after I'm gone.
Call me jaded (Guest) edit delete reply
$5 on View just being a tease again ;P
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Those odds are terrible. The payout would be enormous, but the chances of winning.... Might as well throw your money in a ditch than bet against you.
Susu edit delete reply
You're on.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
I win.
TeeKay edit delete reply
That... that.. almost looks like Sean is tackling her down and diving in for a kiss... ._.

"Hm!" indeed :P
Sebine edit delete reply
You activated my Alis card.
marmelmm edit delete reply
GLOMP! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Greenbriar (Guest) edit delete reply
My cats do this all the time. One look, one paw, one pounce, and it's on. They never do damage, just looks more violent than it is.
Sheela edit delete reply
Yeah, they are roughhousing a bit, but not fighting. :)
Susu edit delete reply
My heart just sped up. What a rush.
Jaymark108 edit delete reply
Alis is all like, "I want to bite you!" :)