Comic 329 - Outrageous
19th Jan 2016, 11:23 PM in Living
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Author Notes:
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Off they go!

Here's a portrait requested by stefzor:


They look more like bear ears, I guess. :|
User comments:
Sojourner edit delete reply
Finally got around to making and account. Your art is awesome. I love your comics. Thank you for doing what you do.
view edit delete reply
Did you want a profile doodle? Let me know!
Sojourner edit delete reply
Yea, I would love one of Hans.
view edit delete reply
I can probably manage that!
Sojourner edit delete reply
Your the best View
The Paleontologist edit delete reply
Oh dear, I think I fear for Beardy's safety. If he makes a move that Alis doesn't like...
jmkool edit delete reply
Things could easily go south! And by things I mean feet. And by south I mean groin.
Miao edit delete reply
Nah, Alis won't hurt him.

She will, however, grab Sean and steal her away.
Sheela edit delete reply
Dang, we got some fast movers in this comic. :)
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
In the future, STDs are extinct and abortions aren't considered bad. I can't wait to live in the future.
YetAnotherTroper (Guest) edit delete reply
Perhaps abortions are simply rendered unnecessary by judicious use of cheap, side-effect-free contraceptives.
wiseguy edit delete reply
Now there's a bright future.