Comic 32 - Hello Again
17th Mar 2014, 8:18 PM in First Friday
Hello Again
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Author Notes:
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This page was fun to draw, but it is a bit tough to read without color. Bah!
User comments:
Danger wasp edit delete reply
Danger wasp
not tough to read on my end. probably since i'm too used to reading Manga
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A lot of manga is very hard to read, some very complex and undifferentiated looks.
elfolampo edit delete reply
I don't know, I don't find it difficult to read, also you're doing a good job with the grays.
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I try.
Visioneer edit delete reply
Damnit, get to the reveal! The suspense is killing me! Hahaha. Great job on the comic, I love your work. You always seem to be worried about readability (which seems to be common through all your titles on Comic Fury.) You do good work, and I'm sure if something was difficult to figure out, someone would let you know. In my opinion, your work is very clear and flows quite nicely.
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Okay, okay, tomorrow I'll show you someone in a swimsuit.
cattservant edit delete reply
Just add water!
Haps edit delete reply
Im not shure its the swimsuit he wants to see..
well we all do but.. you know what i mean!
G34K4 D3RP edit delete reply
G34K4 D3RP
Lol she was going to say weight