Comic 313 - Again!
1st Dec 2015, 12:33 AM in Hookups
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Author Notes:
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This month is shaping up to be a bit nightmarish! If you want to submit fanart, I absolutely guarantee I'd have time to post it. I have a few I already got that some of you will have already seen, and I'll be using them again, too.
User comments:
ryanasmith94 (Guest) edit delete reply
they aren't going to be gentle to him, re they *worrited face*

a person can only take so much. Endurance ppl! It's a thing!
Sheela edit delete reply
Aw it's ok, he's young, he will recover quickly. :)
geojohn edit delete reply
I guess its about time I made an account, I've been caught up since Space Pulp.

This has been bugging me, isn't that the same bearded guy from the under water hab last trip?
view edit delete reply
No, absolutely not. Damn, I forgot they have similar beards. I'll have to make that clear.
geojohn edit delete reply
And here I was thinking I had been all clever and figured something out. Oh well.

By the way, great work, and it's really cool seeing your art evolve over time.
Zav (Guest) edit delete reply
I feel like this guy needs Major Armstrong sparkles