Comic 29 - Suits me fine
13th Mar 2014, 11:06 PM in First Friday
Suits me fine
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I don't know how clear it is what is going on in this store.
User comments:
Swoon (Guest) edit delete reply
Man, I can't wait for the future. The body insecurities of tomorrow... today!
sinala edit delete reply
Said computer is putting her into their inventory and showing it on screen as she walks by?

Oh! It didn't see her abs, so it put default flat belly on the images!
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Sheela edit delete reply
Including a kiddy pic .. oh yeah, that computer is *great* at finding her insecurities. :D
Tacroy (Guest) edit delete reply
The sign makes it look like the swimsuits are (3d) printed there too
cattservant edit delete reply
A personalized predictive sales environment. And it's smart enough to pick up on who the customer is.
Sheela edit delete reply
And smart enough to exploit their insecurities ?
BubbleBubble edit delete reply
Hot damn, these puns.
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete reply
I didn't know my wife sold swimsuits...
merle edit delete reply
"Print"? Ooh, is this a custom-fabricator swimshop?
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Zaranthan (Guest) edit delete reply
I always thought this was the coolest part of Minority Report. Glad to see someone else had a similar idea.
RandomTroll (Guest) edit delete reply this set in an earlier point in the unvierse we have been exploring (NMTG?)
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Lysander edit delete reply
I love the skull-bag. I think I might try making one of my own.
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Well, send me a picture if you do!