Comic 284 - Chekhov's Pants
17th Sep 2015, 9:45 PM in Crowd
Chekhov's Pants
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Sheela edit delete reply
Looks like Sean has some trouble keeping her OCD under control. :D

Ah, Alis is good at trolling Sean. :)
Mashivan (Guest) edit delete reply
I had a god damn visceral reaction when I realized they were uneven.
Otanakanu edit delete reply
woah good luck me, I think I'm pretty early here
I see you've highlighted the strings on Alis's (I assume this to be pronounced aleeezzz)bottom.
I believe my nose smelled correctly, last panel.
Gock edit delete reply
dont make this be just a distraction!
UmberGryphon edit delete reply
Chekhov's Gun: if the play mentions a gun on the wall, the gun will be taken off the wall at some point during the play.

So if View names this "Chekhov's Pants", and highlights Alis' easy-to-remove bikini bottoms, then our dreams may come true!

It's got nothing on the "Chekhov's Sun" pun in Space Pulp, though.
view edit delete reply
Chekhov's buns!
Surp edit delete reply
Beautiful... Absolutely beautiful.
eire1274 edit delete reply
So, if buns are on the wall, they will be taken off the wall...?
cattservant edit delete reply
Strings must be pulled!
Sheela edit delete reply
Or at least, adjusted.
Much like her buttons.
Y'know, the ones that Alis' keeps pushing?
GolfClubNinja (Guest) edit delete reply
Well ignore my last comment then.

It seems like no bathing suits or article of beach attire fusion has will ever not break in some way.
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To be fair, they built these themselves.
Cypress (Guest) edit delete reply
Is it bad that I read Sean's OCD as being part and parcel with her astronaut desires? I kinda imagine a kid Sean dressing herself like a scene out of "Have Space Suit, Will Travel", all checking buckles and buttons and straps ("Cus in space being sloppy will get you killed!"), and she never really grew out of it.
This is the Wildest of conjecturing, but it's one of those neat places where your attention to detail created a really neat experience for me as a reader.
Sheela edit delete reply
Not bad at all.
And fairly plausible too, I think.

I wonder if Sean is all that aware of her own OCD ?
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Yeah, Sean's got subtler pieces to her than the other characters do.
Miao edit delete reply
Wow, Alis, that's truly evil.

I am proud.
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Sheela edit delete reply
Dunno about evil, but she wants Sean's hands on her. :)
G_g (Guest) edit delete reply
only time i can remember seeing Seans "ocd" was when she fixed alis' buttons on her shirt. what other instances were in the story yet?