Comic 282 - Aggressive Mingling
13th Sep 2015, 5:43 PM in Crowd
Aggressive Mingling
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Author Notes:
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Ugh, this page has some serious flaws.
User comments:
cattservant edit delete reply
It is a page.
Gock edit delete reply
My analysis of this page is: It is indeed a page.
~Perd Hapley
cabron (Guest) edit delete reply
Is she holding ponytail's hand?
Lee M edit delete reply
Lee M
Maybe not his hand...
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Pandariots edit delete reply
Warning: You are only allowed to peep into stranger's shorts if you are wearing hat with a flower on it. Make sure you're prepared for the beach!
Jst56strong edit delete reply
Can I make a criticism view? Are we allowed to do that? Will you be mad at me? please don't be mad at me T.T
view edit delete reply
This page doesn't need any critique, since it's terrible.
Jst56strong edit delete reply
:| I will take that as a no and offer a hug and a "its going to be ok" pat on the back.
arsefardle (Guest) edit delete reply
I like this page. The reader's eyes are guided nicely between each group.The only problem I can see is that, with the camera angle in the first panel, it looks awkward without vertical perspective. It's still a more sophisticated layout than I recall from Space Pulp or NMTG.
Sheela edit delete reply
Girls just wanna have fun. :)
The Paleontologist edit delete reply
That's stuck in my head now. Thanks Sheela :P
Passerby (Guest) edit delete reply
Let's keep it stuck in your head! :D

Bryony edit delete reply
I love the second panel!
GolfClubNinja (Guest) edit delete reply
And in a matter of days I am here!

Great comic so far, great story, just amazing. However I'am in the land of waiting for the next page now.

I'm thinking of heading over to one of the your other comics, or just hanging around here.

I actually kinda want to start drawing comics myself ( not ones with nudity or sex, but with language)as I create little stories in my head every so often, and this could be a good way to share them, however I can't draw even semi realistic characters (although I don't try very often) and I don't have the tools to scan comics, or even the money to pay for hosting.

I may register on comic fury and check it out, but other otherwise I will keep reding this
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Welcome to the present!

You can always create a comic using 3D tools, although you'd have to learn how to use them, and it's basically as hard as learning to draw.
GolfClubNinja (Guest) edit delete reply
Yeah, but I do have a touchscreen laptop, if I clean it off I could use that, or if I want to sacrifice a bit of quality I could try and use my printers scanner as well, the type of comics I would draw (mainly cartoonish comedy variety, with some longer, more serious comics heavily inspired by animes like trigun and cowboy bebop) would look look better handrawn then with 3D tools
Phuji edit delete reply
There may be flaws on this page, certain shapes, details, or proportions may not be perfect.

As the artist, you will ALWAYS find the flaws in your own work.

But as a viewer of your work, this page is perfect just as it is, because it conveys exactly what you want it to as it applies to moving the plot forward. regardless of whatever imperfections may exist to your eye.
mal3 edit delete reply
Yeah, Neil Gaiman has said a lot about this aspect of self critique, and how one of the harder parts of creating is learning to overlook the flaws you aren't able to address, as the creator will look at a piece and just see all they did wrong, but 99% of the audience will look at it and only see what the creator did right.
Kintoga edit delete reply
I wonder if beardman is going to get punched this time around
lr (Guest) edit delete reply
Very 3D. Must have been tricky to do.
lr (Guest) edit delete reply
GolfClubNinja: Try looking at the earliest Doonesbury comics and see if it makes you feel better.
Otanakanu edit delete reply
"Okay newbies!
Mister Danny Sexbang's cameo will
teach you the basics."
Jst56strong edit delete reply
Btw stranger you and I are now friends :D
Otanakanu edit delete reply
I'm okay with this