Comic 263 - Belt
29th Jul 2015, 10:08 PM in Sleep
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I think a lot of you guessed this.
User comments:
Kankan (Guest) edit delete reply
Holly God, this is sooo cute...
Sheela edit delete reply
Holly would is she could ?
wiseguy edit delete reply
You overestimate my powers of deduction.
Bloop (Guest) edit delete reply
view leaves me so conflicted. On the one hand, I love the idea of these two hooking up... and maybe some awesome sex scenes >.>

...On the other hand I really enjoy the world and the characters and want more exposition...

I'm so confused X.x
Sheela edit delete reply
Congratulations, you enjoy being teased.

Find yourself a nice domme to tease you as View teases his audience. :)
bcy (Guest) edit delete reply
What's the point of her removing her belt? I don't follow.
Bellar edit delete reply

a) She can resume roughhousing either as she just was or in some other manner without risk.
b) She can use the belt on Alis.
c) A necessary step in removing pants.

Let your imagination run wild with those in the context of sexy roughhousing.
Sheela edit delete reply
I think Bellar's right on this one, especially the part about not wanting to hurt Alis again, but still wanting to be roughhousing some more.

Meanwhile, Alis is rocking a nice blush, because she sure enjoyed it. :)
Donut (Guest) edit delete reply
I think we can safely nix option C. Sean seems to be pulling her belt out of the loops. If you're taking off your pants, all you need to do is unbuckle them.

Now... I wonder if Sean is wearing the belt because it is a neat fashion accessory OR if it is the only thing keeping her pants up.
Dragonrider edit delete reply
Really expected a kiss it and make it better response.
Sheela edit delete reply
There's still room for that, though I don't think Sean is ready for that just yet.
Otanakanu edit delete reply
I can see that all *belts* are off on this one.

I bet Alis would be good in a musical, she was really *belting* those high notes
^fun fact, that kind of thing, a word that has a different meaning based on context alone, is called a heteronym or heterophone. Oddly enough, the exact opposite of what all of us are pleading for right now.
antonfire edit delete reply
She's decided to just say "yes" regardless.
Sheela edit delete reply
tdogredman edit delete reply
cattservant edit delete reply
Pain is a relative position
on the spectrum of life...
Sheela edit delete reply
The position can also be relative to the pain as well as to the pleasure.