Comic 255 - When you have a Hammer
24th Jun 2015, 9:23 PM in Sleep
When you have a Hammer
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This took some drawing, because it's all sorts of weird angles.
User comments:
mrjonreck edit delete reply
I wonder how lucrative the market is for astronauts nowadays.
KSevcik (Guest) edit delete reply
Quaternions are my favorite orientation format. Yaw, Pitch, Roll reads better as a human but sucks to do math with, since you have to convert to something else first.

It probably says something that I've been reading view for over a year and this is my first comment.

Also, future high school is fun if they get all the way to quaternions.
Tacroy (Guest) edit delete reply
Honestly, quaternions would make a lot of sense in high school if we dropped our current weird obsession with teaching kids mathematical principles in the order they were historically discovered.

In a slightly more sane universe they would be taught around the same time as vectors.
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Jst56strong edit delete reply
Math math math math math, number math, plus minus math math algebra, vector velocity squared!

Am I right guys?

.....I'm just gunna sit in the corner with the rest of the politics and history majors...
cattservant edit delete reply
... a favored demographic. Hmnnn?
RhinocerosGoggles edit delete reply
It's a fan commission!

Sean & Cara are trying to sunbath after a scrub dive. Alis is having none of it. Chaos ensues.


Created by seto2.
Shaylyn-KM edit delete reply
Wow, that's awesome!
Sheela edit delete reply
Oh wow, Alis is so troll! :)
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This artist put a lot of effort in getting the clothes and designs right, damn!
RhinocerosGoggles edit delete reply
I gave her an abundance of references. I didn't want to under-provide or leave her guessing, having never commissioned anything before.
view edit delete reply
Seems like she's got a real pro approach.
RhinocerosGoggles edit delete reply
She did a great job ^^
Sheela edit delete reply
She did indeed, we like what we see. :)
Shaylyn-KM edit delete reply
Awesome perspective.
The Paleontologist edit delete reply
Alis seems really persistent about Sean not studying.