Comic 22 - Shoes On
5th Mar 2014, 9:04 PM in First Friday
Shoes On
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Author Notes:
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Sorry about this page, I haven't quite recovered. Quality should be back to normal tomorrow.
User comments:
SpaceMonkey edit delete reply
Perhaps it's simply that your art is continually improving but to me the page looks fantastic.

Hope you're feeling well soon
Brex edit delete reply
Wow, Fusion is huge compared to her siblings. Nothing wrong with that since I gravitate towards that kind of woman. (<.<) (>.>)

Anyways, is the child Fusion is dressing a half-sibling, adopted, or just a good friend of the family? I ask because there is a noticeable skin color difference between the two.
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It'll be clear soon enough.
cattservant edit delete reply
Take your time
To get fine!
Jaymark108 (Guest) edit delete reply
I just reread Never Mind the Gap (again). Your work has improved a TON, and I loved how NMtG looked. You're doing great.
view edit delete reply
I'm not unhappy, just sick.
Jaymark108 (Guest) edit delete reply
When I'm sick, it makes ME unhappy.
rainbows1701 (Guest) edit delete reply
Oh my goodness, her family is adorable.
BAZ the MAD edit delete reply
Honestly, the quality seems pretty good to me. :) Keep up the good work, and keep getting better!