Comic 219 - Alarmed
18th Mar 2015, 9:02 PM in I'm Coming Up
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Author Notes:
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Here's the page!

Also, here's the requested sketch!

User comments:
Nama edit delete reply
24 hour time. I like it.
Hedrah (Guest) edit delete reply
*M Bison* OF COURSE!
Malcadon edit delete reply
Wait, is that phone on... vibrate? 8o

... =|

Tehe. =}
Jinmen (Guest) edit delete reply
Oh, cool, thanks for the sketch! Good album, good comic.
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Jojo (Guest) edit delete reply
If you look carefully in panel 3, you can see where her phone is... 8D
merle edit delete reply
I completely missed that the first two times I read this page...I bet part of her wishes she had left her phone off of vibrate!
Sheela edit delete reply
Hah, if not for the surprise, that might have felt really good.

Many girls have played with their phone like that.
Dongaria edit delete reply
Love the sketch and loving this comic!
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Karyl (Guest) edit delete reply
I love how looking back you can see the phone sliding down from the point where she drops it between her breasts--excellent travel effect, View!
view edit delete reply
Yeah, I was wondering how many people would notice.
Sheela edit delete reply
Quite a few, I suspect. :)
merle edit delete reply
Noticed it last strip, but thought it was a one-off gag. Didn't realize the phone was buzzing until my third time reading the page. This page just got a whole lot funnier.
view edit delete reply
It gets pretty obvious in the next page.
eire1274 edit delete reply
I have a pager gag from "The Drew Carey Show" replaying in my head... Can't find it on YouTube, sorry.