Comic 205 - Hell No
2nd Feb 2015, 8:11 PM in I'm Coming Up
Hell No
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Splish Splash
User comments:
Phuji edit delete reply
Hell no, my current love interest is pouring booze on my nipples.
Phuji edit delete reply
also, please Sean... lick it off. DO IT!
fizzy (Guest) edit delete reply
Well, I before this I was unsure of whether Sean was unaware of Ali's lusting after her, or just deliberately ignoring it. Now I can definitely rule out ignoring it.
Sheela edit delete reply
Well, Alis uses Clara's Boobs to successfully lure away the boys.
Maybe Sean can use Alis' boobs to successfully lure the boys back.

I mean, just think about it : Body Shots!
They'd definately be interested. :)
RandomTroll (Guest) edit delete reply
HMmm, orange booze, booze on nipple.

Yep, lets see were this goes.
Phuji edit delete reply
Makes you wonder if Sean likes Oranges, right?
Sheela edit delete reply
Well, well .. curiouser and curiouser. :)
Jojo (Guest) edit delete reply
What's the white thing on Ali's face in panel one (not her hand, the other thing)?
mal3 edit delete reply
She got booze in her eye in the last comic, looks like she's wiping it off.
Gdv (Guest) edit delete reply
She's wiping her face with Sean's Towel, you can see it's been pulled down on one side in later panels.