Comic 203 - Pincher
30th Jan 2015, 12:54 AM in I'm Coming Up
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I'm not sure how muddy these pages are.
User comments:
Jst56strong edit delete reply
I have a feeling the group orgy we are all hoping for won't happen and I am a little happy if it doesn't come to be. I feel it would be out of flavor with our main protagonists and their relationship would suffer from it. On the flip side I am sure view would make it looks hot as hell!
Sheela edit delete reply
I agree.

While this comic does have some nudity and sexual topics, it seems more "slice of life" than hardcore action.

Oh sure, there might be some action eventually, but I don't get the feeling that View is in a hurry.
Cantih (Guest) edit delete reply
I wouldn't mind a bonus at the end like with Space Pulp. It could be a "What If...?" of the proposed scenario.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
I'm kinda at a loss at how this will go forward. WhAt'S gOnNa HaPpEn?
Sheela edit delete reply
I'm guessing more chatting will occur, maybe a bit more drinking, and then they go home and relax, having learned a bit about one another.
Running Joke (Guest) edit delete reply
Maybe a little petting but yeah, that seems like the organic path for this group.
Dan (Guest) edit delete reply
I don't understand why these guys don't have boners.